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Mobile device and web browser with yoga software scheduling and reporting features

Yoga studio software

One powerful, easy-to-use solution for studio management and building your clientele.
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Teach yoga classes online

Keep your clients engaged even when they can’t be with you in the studio with virtual yoga classes. Via easy-to-use on demand video and live streaming features, you can deliver your classes online that help retain your clients—directly from your software.

Opened email offer for yoga class

Automate your yoga marketing

Bring in new customers and keep them coming back with marketing automations integrated with your Mindbody yoga studio software. Smart contact lists pinpoint the right clients for your promotional messages. Emails and texts send automatically to engage and retain clients. Fully editable email templates ensure every message is on-brand. And your software encourages referrals and reviews from happy customers.

Color palette and mobile device with custom yoga booking app

Get your own custom app

Stay connected with your yogis and enhance your client experience with a custom app that we design using your yoga studio brand colours, logos and images. Your clients can book, pay, and manage their memberships directly in the app—and you can send reminders, cancellations, and announcements. Plus, you can see how well your in-app promotions are performing with reports in your software.

Mobile device with yoga class scheduling through the MINDBODY app

Be where your yoga clients are

Listing your yoga classes in the Mindbody app puts your brand in front of the largest fitness and wellness network in the world. Millions of consumers use it to find yoga studios they love in their area. It’s free to list your business, and every new booking is synced with your studio software schedule, so your calendar is always up to date.

"We needed a more robust software that allowed us to focus on client relationships, communication, sales, and marketing. Mindbody allows us to do all that and more."
Jen Lobo

Jen Lobo

Co-founder, bodē nyc

New York, NY

Everything you need in one software

Powerful yoga studio software built for your success

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Frequently asked questions

What is yoga software?

Yoga software is a digital tool that helps yoga studio owners and managers manage their operations, grow their client base, and create memorable experiences for clients. Yoga software is designed to meet the specific needs of yoga businesses, and it helps studio managers simplify admin work, streamline payment processing, save time with client management, generate detailed reports, and more. It’s also built to scale and help both small studios with loyal communities and large enterprises with hundreds of locations, so you’ll always have the tools you need to grow and thrive.


There have never been more options on the market, so it can be hard to choose which software is right for your yoga studio. While you could get a third-party software system that manages one aspect of your operations or a simpler system that runs the basics, the best yoga software options also come with solutions that help owners stay connected with their clients. These are usually marketing automations that send promotional messages, review and referral programs that boost your brand, CRM programs that manage leads, and more. The features that come with your yoga software depend on the package chosen, so make sure you work closely with a sales representative to find the option that’s best for your studio.

How does the software help me manage yoga memberships?

You’ve worked hard to create the best in-studio experience for your community, and yoga software makes their membership experience with your business just as positive. With memberships set up in your yoga software, the system will manage automated, recurring payments so you’ll have continuous revenue that you can rely on to grow. With the Card Updater feature, expiring client credit card details will be automatically changed to the most current information so clients and staff don’t have to worry about keeping payment details up to date. You can even set up exclusive members-only perks within the yoga software and offer clients priority booking access or purchase discounts when they join. The technology even knows when to offer memberships to new clients whose intro offers are expiring. Plus, the software has reporting options for yoga memberships so you can know exactly how well your community is doing. 

How much does yoga software cost?

There are several pricing and packaging options for yoga studio software from Mindbody, each with its own set of available features. Whether your yoga studio needs a basic system or the most robust solution on the market, there’s an offering that’ll fit your needs—no matter your business type or size. In addition to features, there are a number of add-ons that can complete any yoga studio software package, from Messenger[ai] virtual front desk to a branded mobile app. To get more details on Mindbody’s yoga software pricing and packaging, check out the solutions listed on the pricing page.

Does the software make yoga scheduling and booking easier for my clients?

Absolutely! Convenience is everything to the modern consumer, and a primary goal of yoga software is to simplify class scheduling and booking for new customers and returning clients. When you run your studio with yoga software, you can make your class schedule available everywhere clients look to book yoga classes—on your website, the Mindbody app, the social media platform Facebook, Google, or your own branded app. And since it's all managed by the same booking system that runs your business, your schedule automatically updates when bookings are made. If you have your studio layout mapped in the software, clients can choose their spot ahead of time, and you can set up waitlists that automatically notify customers when space opens up. Plus, the yoga studio software gives your staff a look into who’s signed up ahead of time, so they can prep for yoga classes and deliver the amazing client experiences your studio is known for.

Does yoga software use AI in my studio?

Yes! Some of the most exciting features of yoga software are its AI components, as they open up new ways to delight your customers and monitor important details. The software supports an AI front desk that follows up with missed calls, drives sales, and books yoga classes through text while you’re busy talking with clients or running classes. It even answers frequently asked questions about your business for customers so you can stay focused on the clients in-studio. The software also has AI components at work in the Mindbody app marketplace that recommend your business or class intro offers to the right client. There are even AI-powered algorithms in the software that can predict which customers are most likely to churn out of your studio, so you can focus your efforts on retaining them. Yoga AI features can vary by package, so talk with a rep or view the pricing page to confirm that these options are included in your yoga software package.

Can yoga software help me teach yoga online?

Yes, yoga studio software can help your business offer yoga classes online and expand your studio’s reach. When your business is run with yoga software, you can livestream your classes for regular members and connect with new clients across the world by bringing your online yoga classes into their living rooms. Since your streaming system is integrated with your business management software, clients can easily log in as usual, book from your schedule or via the Mindbody app, and click the live stream link that’s auto-sent 30 minutes before class begins. For existing members, you can set up a video-on-demand (VOD) library that gives them 24/7 access to your studio’s content and brand.  All you need to do is record your live stream classes and the yoga software will automatically upload them to your library. Your community can even access the VOD library using your business’ branded yoga mobile app, if you have one, and you can combine these links with your email marketing campaigns to help clients stay even more connected to your business. Talk with a rep to learn more about pricing and availability of yoga software video features.  

How does yoga software make payments easier for my studio?

Yoga studio software simplifies your payments processing by allowing you to run transactions directly through your software. Instead of having multiple locations where cards are run and stored, all of your transactions go through a single system, whether you take payments at the front desk, on mobile, or online. Your yoga studio software keeps all of your payment details stored in a single secure location, and it tracks every client’s payment history, creates intelligent revenue reports, and surfaces trends in your sales numbers. With yoga software, all of your memberships can be set up with autopay so membership fees are easily collected, and card updater features can make sure every transaction goes through smoothly. And the best part?  All of your clients’ card data is securely stored at the highest industry standard available: PCI Level 1.

Can yoga studio software help me launch a mobile app?

In today’s world, a mobile app is practically table stakes for any business with a large following, and yoga software can help get an app up and running for your studio with your input. If you’re running your yoga studio with Mindbody, you can add a branded app to your package that’ll help clients stay connected to your brand and give them new ways to access your business on mobile. We’ll incorporate your logos, colors, and brand into your app, you’ll provide feedback on the product, and we’ll help place your app in the Apple and Android app stores. Once your client app is live, users can book in-person and online classes from your schedule, manage their memberships, update payments, and more. You can send them push notifications with deals and announcements, show them their class history, and give them access to your video library. And, we’ll support you with continuous updates across all platforms. To learn more about adding a branded app to your yoga software, consult a rep or the pricing page.