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Mindbody Customer Story

Hot Yoga South

Hot Yoga South

When Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts (CJ) opened her first hot yoga studio in 2008, she thought that once the doors opened, clients would stream in. Although that wasn’t the case right away, she now has two highly successful studios in London (Balham) and Brighton. She is also an expert in marketing and recognises how important marketing can be to attract new clients and retain loyal ones.  CJ’s decade of experience coupled with Mindbody's powerful branded app, branded web and marketing tools keep her two studios top-of-mind for all her clients.

Working Smart from the Start

CJ first encountered Mindbody through a recommendation from her mentor who had a yoga studio of her own. CJ’s mentor used pen and paper to monitor purchased class-packs and bookings but after years of cross-referencing and confusion, turned to yoga software to modernise. This taught CJ about the importance of using business management software from the minute she opened. CJ then learned how to master the Mindbody platform by attending Mindbody University in New York City in 2009. Here she received expert training in the classroom and one-on-one, on both strategies to grow her business as well as in-depth software walk-throughs to enable her to make the most of the software. This is also where she started learning about online advertising, customer upselling and retention methods.


Client Retention Leads to Growth

Between running the operations, making a name for her studio in a new city and recognising different market trends, CJ realized the importance of retaining customers once they had attended a class.

With customer loyalty top of mind, CJ relies on the First Visit report to see which customers are leveraging intro offers. She also believes that her “open day” promotions are excellent for giving first-timers the chance to try all of the classes for free and provides a discounted intro offer on that day only. Her New Year’s Resolution focused “Open Day” resulted in 70 new clients! For customers who haven’t visited in a while CJ uses re-marketing through her branded mobile app with “We Miss You” communications.

Do you need help filling every class, turning open spots into loyal customers? Learn more about ways Mindbody can help you develop a winning marketing strategy by booking a consultation.

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