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Winners of Mindbody's Standout Experience Challenge

How 4 Wellness Brands Create Standout Client Experiences

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

The world around us has changed, even if your personal mission to bring wellness into the world hasn’t. Today, wellness business owners have an exciting and promising role to play in this new era—but it will require them to adapt; to lean in, keep an open mind, and step up to new challenges.

Your competition is no longer the salon down the street or the HIIT studio across town; you're now competing with the HIIT studio across the country—and against any of the many well-funded, fully-virtual players offering services just like yours, that have entered the market to capitalise on the "wellness from home" phenomenon. But these technologies are lacking one key element: human connection.

No matter how advanced technology becomes, it will never replace real human connection in your studio, salon, or spa. Now more than ever, offering exceptional experiences matters. So much so that one in three customers will pay more for a better experience, and companies that provide a great experience have a 16% price premium on products and services.

At our recent BOLD conference, Mindbody President and CTO, Sunil Rajasekar launched his Standout Experience Challenge. He asked wellness businesses how they differentiate themselves from competitors by creating memorable experiences for their communities.

We're excited to share the winner and runners-up with you, along with examples of what they do to make a lasting impact.

Grand Prize Winner: Sasquatch Strength

Sasquatch Strength breaks through the digital noise with a simple, yet meaningful gesture. Attaboy cards represent the best of what businesses can offer their members: a physical touchpoint in an increasingly virtual world. When Sasquatch coaches send Attaboy cards, they show support and admiration for those in their community who embody their core values. These mailed notes remind members that they’re seen, cared for, and appreciated.

Sasquatch Strength Attaboy cards

Runner Up: [solidcore]

[solidcore] sees every client as a partner and believes they should be seen, heard, and celebrated as such. In May of 2021, the brand launched [solidCARES], an initiative dedicated to surprising and delighting members. Shortly thereafter, a member was diagnosed with cancer and had to pause her membership to undergo treatment. To show support, the [solidcore] team had a custom, engraved bracelet delivered. The bracelet’s message: nobody fights alone.

Since its launch, [solidCARES] has only expanded. Dedicated team members continue to set aside time and budget each month to ensure the brand’s client community is regularly celebrated.

solid[CARES] gift for member

Runner Up: BootyPopFridays

For many years, Karma Raines felt the wellness industry wasn’t created for Black women like herself. As a result, she started BootyPopFridays. Through classes, workshops, and personalized videos, Raines helps clients—regardless of age, gender, or race—find body freedom through the healing power of dance and movement.

Group of people posing after fitness class

Runner Up: Body Language Fitness & Yoga

Body Language Fitness & Yoga sets itself apart with a variety of unexpected client delights and studio traditions. These include handwritten notes for new members, cool lavender towels after yoga, complimentary tea and coffee, and shoe bags for new clients. The business also hosts regular events like Tea Time Talks and Wine Wednesdays to foster community.

Body Language Fitness Yoga

Never underestimate the power you have to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Technology doesn't create transformative wellness experiences–you do.

See how other business owners are creating standout wellness experiences.

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