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Mindbody x Sasquatch Strength: Empowering a Stronger Community

Mindbody x Sasquatch Strength: Empowering a Stronger Community

The Sasquatch Strength team saw a problem in the wellness industry. There weren’t any existing gyms that had the right infrastructure to support a high volume of clients and had the small-studio approach to building close relationships. They believed these two things didn’t have to be mutually exclusive, and Sasquatch Strength was founded on a vision to provide their members with the best of both worlds.

“Why can’t we bridge that gap?” said the Sasquatch team. “Why can’t we have a hyper-personalized service but also build a large enough structure with people that care, have the right core values, give them the tools they need to connect with their clients, and create a community of people that support each other?”

They’re asking all the right questions. Seven years later, Sasquatch Strength continues to grow its community. What makes them unique is their thoughtful approach to understanding the way their clients experience life in and out of the gym—not just names and faces, but their stories. That’s the root of results. The why.

“What’s your driving force? Why are you here, and what can we do to help you discover what it is that you are looking for?” This is the first step for the Sasquatch team to provide a way for members to achieve their fitness goals.

With Mindbody's partnership and our shared core values, Sasquatch Strength gets the assistance they need to bring that personalized client journey to life.

Passion for connection

The staff and coaches are the main drivers for delivering this enhanced experience. A Sasquatch coach isn't just responsible for guidance and education, but also for getting to know who they're training on a really personal level.

Their classes are intimate by design. These intimate groups provide a personalized experience with a Sasquatch Strength coach who knows the member’s motivation for becoming stronger and guides them toward that unique goal. Sasquatch Strength approaches fitness by “teaching members so much that they can leave and treating them so well that they will stay.”

This approach has brought success and garnered a lot of interest. The demand for Sasquatch Strength’s services means they’ve had issues with balancing a constant influx of phone calls with their unique commitment to their clients. With Mindbody’s partnership, they don’t have to make that choice.

$40,000 in revenue, driven by AI

Sasquatch uses Messenger[ai] to handle their virtual communications. Their clients can talk to Sam the Sasquatch (the brand’s personalized AI assistant) 24/7, so their staff doesn’t have to sacrifice their crucial in-person connections. “Every time Sam answers a text or a call, one of our team members gets a little extra time to spend with our people,”

Since Sam joined their team in July, he’s sent over 1,200 messages to clients, and he’s sold roughly $40,000 worth of memberships—all on his own. That's the power of AI.

98% member retention, 100% satisfaction

When Sasquatch strength needed assistance navigating business during the pandemic, they turned to Mindbody to help them hold onto the impactful client relationships they’d built.

With the help of Mindbody support, they scaled all their client touchpoints to online offerings—through the Virtual Wellness Platform—in just two weeks. As a result, Sasquatch Strength retained 98% of their members in 2020, and they’re aiming to expand to 200 total locations in the next three years.

Stronger together

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of the partnership is the alignment of our missions. Our mutual goal to connect people to wellness blossomed into an effective partnership. Sasquatch Strength’s authentic dedication to their community inspires us to continue examining what genuine wellness really looks like.

“We don’t hire people who see this as just their job. This is what they love to do, and I feel the same way about Mindbody,” said Sasquatch Strength CEO Isaac Vaisberg.

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