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Mindbody Customer Story

Hybrid Gym LA Rises Above Competitors with Mindbody

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Hybrid Gym started its journey in Hong Kong in 2018 before bringing personal training to Los Angeles. Vice President and competitive athlete Daniella Means describes Hybrid as “results-oriented,” offering a holistic, highly customised approach to clients’ wellness. Trainers provide an unbeatably thorough service largely thanks to the in-house education system that Hybrid guides them through, encompassing everything from anatomy, biomechanics, and nutrition to lifestyle, recovery, and Hybrid’s own line of supplements. Daniella understands that without this multifaceted approach, the potential for their clients reach their fitness goals will suffer. So, Hybrid covers every piece of the puzzle.

What ends up happening is a process that gives them a complete picture of every client’s health, so they can craft a wellness plan that meets their personal needs and goals.

Throughout its journey as a new business that has set out to reinvent health care, Hybrid worked alongside Mindbody to manage its daily operations and foster growth.

Actionable insights and limitless functionality

As a healthy, growing business, Hybrid looks to Mindbody as a trusted partner. “Mindbody is such a robust, big system. It’s incredibly in-depth and insightful,” says Daniella. Daniella leans heavily on the platform’s reporting capabilities—like the number of sessions, inventory available, sales, cost of goods sold, and other financial metrics—to help her always keep a finger on the pulse of her business. “What’s coming in? What’s going out? What’s my cost? Mindbody is just unparalleled.”

Where other platforms have been clunky and rigid for Hybrid, the Mindbody experience is seamless and streamlined. It has offered the depth of knowledge they need, as well as the customization they’re looking for, in a way that’s efficiently accessible. It’s the information they need, when they need it, at their fingertips. It gives them the tools and resources to make more informed decisions, improve their understanding of their target market, and provide an even better service to their clientele.

Standing out in a crowded space

The fitness industry is crowded—and even more so in Los Angeles, where appearances matter and wellness is at the top of everyone’s mind. Mindbody helps Hybrid Gym clearly communicate its offering in an incredibly competitive city and market. They do this with the platform’s Marketing Suite, making their client-facing communication consistent, powerful, and automated.

Daniella points to Marketing Suite’s email automation capabilities—conversations between Hybrid and its clients that happen without her having to send emails manually. Reduced time spent on her end means more time spent growing the business and investing in her relationships with her trainers and clients.

It’s not just email marketing, either. Hybrid relies on Mindbody for many of the gym’s logistics and administrative responsibilities, like getting necessary documents signed by clients, managing check-in/check-out, and scheduling/rescheduling/canceling—all accomplished without any manual work on their end.

Another layer of Hybrid is making their products available online—something that, in the hands of the wrong platform, could amount to quite the headache. Daniella explains, “I think what’s been a really key game-changer for me is people being able to make purchases online, through Mindbody. That’s just made my life so much easier.”

Mindbody isn’t just another third-party vendor. It’s your partner. And Hybrid’s dedicated customer success manager is there to guide them on functionality and strategy. “It was just the in-depthness of each of our calls, how much [he] helped walk me through every single aspect...and that’s the kind of support I needed as a new business,” says Daniella.

This collaborative approach means that Hybrid always has a solid support system in Mindbody. It also means that as they continue to grow, they can expect guidance and assistance that will match them on their journey.

What the future holds

Growth has consistently been on the horizon for Hybrid Gym. Thanks to their pioneering efforts to change the way people care for their health, and through their partnership with Mindbody, they were able to successfully open their second location in Los Angeles in the middle of a pandemic, followed by their third location not long after. Retention has steadily improved, and they’ve got a partner who will foster their growth and evolution as their business flourishes. Says Daniella, “Mindbody was, to me, a no-brainer.”

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