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Mindbody Customer Story

How Clear Mind Studio uses AI technology to improve profitability and work-life balance

Clear Mind Studio

Clear Mind Studio has human connection at its core, it leverages the power of artificial intelligence to increase profitability and provide better work-life balance for staff. 

Sink or swim?

One of Perth’s most popular wellness havens, Clear Mind Studio was forced to sink or swim when COVID-19 struck as it celebrated is first business anniversary. Instead of waiting for the lockdown to come to an end, business owners Craig and Karen Aird invested time during their closure to planning for the future, reviewing data analytics, and introducing AI technology. The end goal? Improving the efficiency of their business operation to make more time for themselves. 

Starting with a clear mind

Having experienced the benefits of floatation therapy and meditation themselves, Craig and Karen decided to step away from their unfulfilling, stressful careers and start a business they were truly passionate about. 

Their creation, Clear Mind Studio, centralises all of the wellness services that would typically be distributed among multiple studios, including floatation therapy, infrared sauna, massage and yoga.  

With “clear” vision, the couple enlisted support from Mindbody before the studio’s launch in July 2019. By doing so, they were able to create a bespoke subscription that addressed their specific business needs right from the very beginning. 

“One of the best things about working with Mindbody is the flexibility and the ability to create a tailored package that enables us to build our customer base authentically,” Craig Aird explained. “Our business is built on the specific needs of our customers so we value having a tailored package that reflects this.” 

Work smarter, not harder

In the year since opening, Karen and Craig grew the studio’s customer base at an impressive rate and using internal data via the Mindbody platform to make informed decisions about their portfolio of services. To do this, they ran regular customer surveys ahead of introducing new packages or optimising existing ones. 

On the surface, they had tackled all of the challenges that face a business within the first 12 months, but then Covid hit, and Clear Mind Studio was forced to close its doors for two months. 

Instead of sitting back and waiting for the lockdown to end, Karen and Craig moved quickly to run virtual classes, and spent time re-evaluating how they operated the studio. 

Two people relaxing at Clear Mind

They analysed their Mindbody data and found their large portfolio of services and long opening hours (8am-10pm, seven days a week) was creating an inefficient business model. Worst of all, they were burning themselves out—the very opposite outcome to the goal they had set. 

With a view to work smarter, not harder, they reduced their operating hours and introduced Bowtie, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant. By harnessing the power of AI, Bowtie ensures they never miss an incoming call or booking opportunity. 

“Bowtie is particularly valuable for our floatation customers as the market is so mature in Perth – if we miss a customer’s call they will likely try to book in with a different business,” Craig Aird said. “By having Bowtie, we can now make bookings for these customers without answering the phone or even being in the studio.” 

Reaping the Rewards

Allowing customers to book any time of day or night has helped to keep Clear Mind’s appointment book full. By using Bowtie in October, the studio received an additional 29 bookings through the tool and made contact with prospective customers who required their attention. All of these engagements would have otherwise been missed opportunities. 

In just a matter of weeks, Karen and Craig had reduced their studio’s opening hours while maintaining profitability levels. By closing the studio every Tuesday and reducing their daily hours, they now have more time to switch off and reap the rewards of their successful business.

As they look ahead to the future, Karen and Craig are now placing more importance on enhancing their wellness brand further, extending services outside of the studio, and supporting clients in new, innovative ways. 

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