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8 Steps to Get the Most Out of the Mindbody App

By Denise Prichard

August 27, 2023

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Think you know the Mindbody app? Think again. The app isn’t just the one source of options for millions of fitness and wellness lovers—it’s also how we help connect the world to wellness. However, if you’re not getting the most out of the app, your business and millions of active wellness enthusiasts will miss out. Folks who use the Mindbody app are the kind of clients you want to attract since they’re more loyal to wellness brands like yours and tend to spend more money on wellness.

Here are eight steps to optimise your listing in the app to show up, show off, and get connected.

1. Create a listing clients can't refuse

Do more than show up, show off and detail what you do best. Clients want something polished, persuasive, and on-brand—so use your app listing to maximise your earning potential.

Are app users able to find you when they’re browsing and searching? What does your listing look like? You can double-check by doing a simple search in the app, or review your listing and business details directly from your software.

2. Optimise keywords to help people find you

You’re probably familiar with search functionality on Google. Well, searching in the Mindbody app is very similar. Our goal is to connect consumers to what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. The more detail you provide about your business, class, or appointment, the more likely you will show up when someone is searching.

Here’s a tip: think about what your customer would search for in order to find your service. Are they searching for Hatha, or just yoga? Include descriptive keywords to make sure you show up.

    3. Add categories and subcategories to be discovered

    Categories are new filters in the latest version of the Mindbody app designed to help your customer find you faster. It’s important you select the right category and subcategory for each class and appointment you offer. This helps fitness and wellness lovers discover what they’re looking for faster when they’re browsing.

    4. Use flexible pricing for class drop-ins to increase visibility

    While dynamically pricing your class drop-ins can help you fill unsold spots, this feature has the added benefit of helping people find you more easily. App users will find ‘Flexible Pricing’ directly from the home screen of the app and can also filter to see only these drop-ins. Dynamically priced fitness classes are also highlighted in the new class list. So, if you haven’t already, set up your dynamically priced drop-ins in your software under Services and Pricing.

    Pro tip: if you want to keep prices static but still want the increased visibility, set your minimum and maximum price to be equal to your regular drop-in. Need help with set-up? Here’s a step-by-step support guide

    Ready to take your Dynamic Pricing strategy to the next level? You can also use this feature to make more money with your highly sought-after classes with Surge Pricing. When there is a high demand for a class, you can use surge pricing to charge more. Think of it like Uber's surge pricing. The higher the demand of your class, the more it will cost for someone to purchase a drop-in. According to our research, we have seen an upward trend when it comes to fitness-minded folks taking advantage of Surge Pricing to find classes that they love. Want to learn more about this feature? Check out this blog post.

    5. Promote your intro offers to reach new clients

    Introductory offers are always a great way to give a hesitant customer the extra nudge to commit, especially when promoted in the Mindbody app. Promoted intro offers will show up first under categories to help you capture new eyes, otherwise, they’ll only be bookable under your business listing. Plus, every time a new client purchases your intro offer, your business is listed in their favourites tile, upfront and centre.

    Learn more about promoting intro offers.

    6. Add photos to showcase your uniqueness

    How often do you buy something online without seeing it first? The same goes for your services. Consumers want to know what makes your business unique, so show them! Add photos that will attract people to your location, staff, or services; this will also help tell your brand story. Add location photos in your software by navigating to Location and App Listings and clicking on “Manage Location Photos.”

    Pro tip: In case you want some tips on taking good photos, here’s an article to help. Don’t forget to add a logo that is appropriately sizedfirst impressions still matter. Make sure your logo doesn’t look like it was squished through a kaleidoscope...unless that’s what you’re going for. 

    7. Add descriptions and bios to get connected

    In addition to helping people find you in the app, descriptions of your business, classes, and appointments are your chance to tell what makes you different and convince customers to book with you.

    Staff bios and photos are also a great way to get customers to connect with you, especially in services that are more personal.  Your staff are a huge part of why customers book at your business, so make sure they stand out.

      8. Get ratings and reviews

      Ratings and reviews have a big impact when someone is looking to purchase. Encourage customers to leave ratings for your class or appointment after their visit and boost your stars. We help out by sending them a request in the app to add a rating after their service but letting your customer know it’s important to you always helps. 

      Learn how to get the most out of your app listing.

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      *Data reflects monthly average Mindbody app usage from Looker data reporting through January 2022.

      About the author:

      Denise Prichard

      Manager, Marketing Content and Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200)


      Denise Prichard is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy within the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes, pedaling her heart out at a spin class, or hanging out with her rescue pups. She currently serves as the marketing content manager for Mindbody.


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