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Six Software Tools Every Wellness Business Should be Aware of

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

For business owners, admin tasks can be particularly time-consuming; absorbing valuable energy that could be better spent with customers.

To help make life easier we’ve collated a list of the top software tools that help business owners like you focus their efforts on what really matters.


By utilising client data, this software can show real-time results to your customers. For example, showing a group training class a live leader board on the screen, means customers can compete against each other to push themselves harder. Clients will also have complete control over their own accounts, meaning they can access more Fitmetrix events and schedule themselves in easily.


Having Zenrez is like putting a sales and marketing team into your computer. Not only does the software aim to attract new customers and retain existing ones, it also upsells high-value packs and memberships. This is the perfect solution if you’re trying to find ways to keep customers walking through the door, but don’t have the time to dedicate to finding new and creative ways of reaching out.


Nobody likes sieving through paperwork. WaiverKing provides paperless documents and filing, making it a great tool for keeping paperwork in one place, and keeping the administrative stress at bay when you get a flurry of new members through the door.


Much like Zenrez, this software is a marketing tool that is targeted at the individual. Emma is designed to keep your customers interested in your class by sending personalised and friendly welcome emails, birthday messages and holiday offers without you having to ever press the send button.


Not only does Brandbot send automated texts and emails, it’s also designed to monitor the behaviour of existing customers and turn them into long-term clients and advocates. The software does this by sending strategic emails to fill up classes with offers and prompts, targeting the right people at the right time.


By asking your customers to partake in a simple two-question survey, Listen360 allows you to address comments and quickly resolve any issues that may rise. The software also asks your happiest clients to post a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp, helping your business look its best.

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