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It's Time to Prep Your Fitness Studio for the Holidays

By Denise Prichard

October 18, 2022

As a fitness business owner, you know that getting ready before the hustle and bustle is the key to success, but with managing your normal day-to-day activities, it can be super difficult to stay on track. So, before the holiday frenzy kicks into high gear, it’s important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row to avoid the holiday season burnout.

Let’s plan ahead this year, shall we? Here are some of our favourite tips on how to set yourself up for success:

1. Keep your calendar organized

With multiple customers flooding the gates of your fitness business (or through emails and your social media pages), you’ve got to make sure you and your employees are able to quickly act and give assistance. That’s why it’s imperative your holiday calendar is well thought out and as organized as possible. Remember—there is no room for error when your calendar is prepped and ready ahead of time.

2. Plan your holiday promotions early

When it comes to planning your holiday promotions, the sooner the better. With the majority of folks trying to get their holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving, it’s imperative to have your specials planned out as early as possible. Set up your promotions within your fitness management software by creating a holiday-themed email campaign with Mindbody's Marketing Suite that notifies your clients of any specials you’re running during the season. 

Don’t forget to create a plan to help promote these specials on your website, on your social media pages, and in your fitness studio to make sure all your clients are aware of your specials.

3. Address your inventory needs

Selling merchandise can be a great source of additional revenue for your fitness business—especially during the holidays. And since the season tends to sneak up on us faster than we expect it to, it’s a good idea to address your inventory needs now. On top of that, the new year is right around the corner from December holidays—and since getting fit in the new year has been the number one resolution for years, folks will be lining up at your door to purchase anything from yoga mats to activewear.

Bottom line: Don't wait until December to check your inventory numbers—make sure your retail needs are in order so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your bottom line for the year. 

4. Don't forget about gift cards

Gift cards are a $200 billion industry—which means your fitness studio can earn a nice chunk of its annual revenue from gift card sales during the holidays. According to the National Retail Federation’s holiday survey, 56% of consumers said they would prefer to receive a gift card as a holiday gift over any other item, making it the most requested item for over a decade now. Make sure you have more than enough gift cards on-hand and that your staff is well-versed in selling these items to make the purchasing process flawless for your client and your staff.

Download our guide to learn how to sell gift cards like a pro.

Is it just us—or doesn't it feel good to get ahead of the game when planning for the holiday season? We're just scratching the surface with these ideas, check out our holiday calendar below to help you plan for your best holiday season yet!

5. Give ClassPass a try

Last but never least, the winter holiday season is a wonderful time for fitness businesses to try ClassPass. As members travel out of town, classes may not fill up to typical levels during these busy weeks. On the flip side, your community may be welcoming folks home for the holidays. If your businesses is on ClassPass, you’ll reach a wide audience of fitness lovers looking for ways to get their fix—helping you keep classes full and fun. By listing your studio on ClassPass now, you’ll have time to get used to the platform and even start welcoming in new faces before the holidays hit. 

Is it just us—or doesn't it feel good to get ahead of the game when planning for the holiday season? We're just scratching the surface with these ideas, so check out our holiday calendar below to help you plan for your best holiday season yet! 

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About the author:

Denise Prichard

Manager, Marketing Content and Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200)


Denise Prichard is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy within the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes, pedaling her heart out at a spin class, or hanging out with her rescue pups. She currently serves as the marketing content manager for Mindbody.


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