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AI Assistant in Mindbody software

AI Assistant: Your 24/7 Mindbody Support Expert Is Here

By Mindbody Product Team

April 19, 2024

The days of waiting on the phone or combing through support articles are over. You now have the new Mindbody AI Assistant, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, as your always-available software support agent. AI Assistant can answer any of your software questions—like how to void a sale or change a class pay rate—freeing up time for you to focus on your clients. And the responses are custom, so you only have to review the information you need.

Around the clock answers

It doesn’t matter if you need software support in the middle of the night or at a moment’s notice—Mindbody’s AI Assistant has you covered 24/7. Trained on the entire Mindbody support center (over 4000 pages!), AI Assistant is always available to help with answers to your questions, give step-by-step directions, and provide links if you want to read relevant articles. Get everything the Mindbody support center has to offer, without having to wait or search for it yourself.

The support stays with you

AI Assistant is always accessible at the bottom of your navigation panel. Once you ask a question, the conversation stays open as you navigate from page to page, making it easier than ever to follow instructions. AI Assistant will even link you directly to the feature or setting you’re asking about. Whether you’re trying to set up a class, edit a schedule, or access software support while you work, AI Assistant is on your screen and ready to assist you.

Strike up a conversation

The best way to get answers from AI Assistant is the simplest way—just ask! Don’t worry about guessing keywords, simply ask your question as if you're having a conversation. For example, “How do I schedule appointments using the Mindbody Business app?” will work better than “Mindbody app appointment schedule.” And if the answer isn’t exactly what you were looking for, you can ask follow-up questions. Plus, all conversations you have with AI Assistant are saved so you can refer to them at any time.

Always learning and improving

The more you use AI Assistant, the better it'll get. We’re closely monitoring feedback to make improvements, so make sure to give a thumbs up or thumbs down at the end of your chat. AI Assistant should be able to answer your questions, but each response comes with a button to contact support if you’re looking for more help. AI Assistant will even pre-fill the web form with your question to make the process easier for you.


Is AI Assistant free as part of a Mindbody subscription? 

AI Assistant is free and available to all customers using the new Mindbody navigation. 

How can I access AI Assistant? 

If AI Assistant is enabled for you, you should see the “AI Assistant” button on the bottom left corner of your screen in the Mindbody core software. Simply click the button and ask your question. If you don’t see AI Assistant, you'll have access as soon as you’re upgraded to the new Mindbody navigation! 

How many languages does AI Assistant support? 

AI Assistant can support over 100 languages and will respond in the same language a question is asked. 

Does AI Assistant work with my current Messenger[ai] setup? 

AI Assistant provides you with software support and Messenger[ai] answers client-facing questions. They’re two separate tools that do not share information, so you can use both in your Mindbody software at the same time.

About the author:

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The Mindbody Product Team builds solutions to fuel the growth of the fitness, beauty, and wellness customers we serve. 

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