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Mindbody Customer Story

Explosive Growth with No Bounds: Why Restore Hyper Wellness Uses Mindbody


“Restore is a place where you come to feel better so that you can do more of the things that you love, the things that make you who you are.” 

That’s how CEO and co-founder Jim Donnelly describes Restore Hyper Wellness. Restore brings some of the most powerful recovery and performance modalities under one roof, like IV therapy, cryotherapy, sauna therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

The goal is simple: Make these services more affordable and accessible, and increase their efficacy by stacking them together — an offering that didn’t really exist in the past. 

“… Our customers come in and feel better right away,” Jim says, noting that everything they do is supported by science and medical studies. 

Rocket Ship Ride to Success with Mindbody as the Copilot

Restore Hyper Wellness is clearly onto something. In December of 2020, they provided their millionth service after five years of being open. 

This year alone, they’ll do well over a million services. “We're growing at an exponential rate.” 

A business seeing this kind of success needs a reliable and user-friendly software that can scale with them as they continue to thrive. It takes a powerful platform to assist Restore with such massive and rapid growth. The company did their due diligence: “We did try other point-of-sale systems in the beginning, because we like to A/B test everything, and Mindbody was the clear winner.”

The main thing they loved about the software? It’s ease of use. Restore has opened locations across the United States, with multiple employees at each. Being able to consistently train people across all locations so they use the system, in the same way, is a must. 

Mindbody was the most intuitive option for them — easy to learn, internalise, and apply across multiple locations and staff members. It helps keep everyone on the same page so they can all continue working toward the same goal: Making their customers feel better. 

Scaling: Simplified and streamlined

It’s not just the ease of use that Jim and his team love. It’s that Mindbody remains intuitive no matter how big your company is or how fast you’re scaling. 

This proved to be the only software that could keep up with them. 

“… you need partners that can scale with you and grow with you. Mindbody is clearly an enterprise-level point-of-sale system that has been able to grow with us every step of the way, and has been very reliable.” 

Mindbody has become ingrained in the way Restore operates — a pivotal part of their daily operations, from checking people in and collecting money to maintaining a good relationship with all of the data they collect.

“We're growing so fast. There are some things we just need to rely on and not worry about every day, and Mindbody has certainly been one of those things,” Jim says, calling Mindbody the “800-pound gorilla in the point-of-sales space.” 

Leaning on Mindbody means that Restore can focus their attention where it needs to be: on their customers. 

Jim didn’t always know that Restore was going to franchise, but the interest in their offerings was undeniable. And the company ended up discovering that with the help of Mindbody, it was almost impossible not to streamline and automate their growth and operations across the country. 

“Interestingly, no matter where we opened a Restore, we couldn't break the model, so to speak. And part of that is we think we have a really great consumer proposition. … But just as importantly, we think we've put the right tools and processes in place to make it easy to run a Restore and make it feel the same across the country, and clearly, the point-of-sale system and Mindbody are a part of that.” 

Invaluable Data and Simple Ways to Digest It

Part of the power of Mindbody is the insight it gives you into your target market. “When it comes to the Mindbody data, we use it extensively. We use it every day. For instance, a store manager receives a report waiting in their inbox every morning before they open. It's essentially their roadmap for the day. It looks at data from the previous day. It ties that data to goals for the week, for the month.” 

So, it’s a two-part process: (1) gathering the data and (2) putting it into usable reports at all levels of their organisation. “Mindbody helps us gather data on our customers in meaningful ways so that our store managers can take that data and use it to run the store more effectively.” 

The team behind Restore Hyper Wellness knows how to deliver an incredible service. And with Mindbody behind them, their growth knows no bounds. 

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