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Welcoming First-Time ClassPass Users to Your Fitness Studio

By Julia Healey

With a targeted audience of thousands of fitness lovers, ClassPass is a great way to bring new clients to your studio and grow your community. You can gain revenue from a new consumer base by filling excess spots that you aren’t used up by members. ClassPass can bring clients to your door—what happens after that is up to you. 

While some ClassPass users are fitness nomads and enjoy sampling a variety of classes, many others use the service to dip their toes back into fitness, overcome “gymtimidation,” or simply check out studio fitness. Creating a welcoming, friendly environment is crucial to retaining clients—especially first-time visitors. Check out these recommendations from top studios across the UK to make sure you’re checking all the boxes for welcoming newcomers.

Give an amazing impression

A positive first introduction goes a long way with new clients. Making sure your front desk staff and instructors are well-versed in welcoming first-timers helps facilitate natural, friendly interactions throughout their visit. Some simple things you can do to put newcomers at ease: 

  • Introduce them to their coach or instructor to get them on a first name basis 

  • Show them around the studio and get their equipment set up 

  • Check in with them to discuss experience, specific needs, injuries, etc. 

  • Decorate their locker, offer a freebie item, or set aside their equipment 

Offer an unforgettable experience

While the main factor of creating an exceptional client experience is the workout itself, showing new visitors some extra attention turns a good class into a great class. Based on the type of class and their experience level, there are a few strategic ways to make new clients more comfortable throughout the class, such as: 

  • Putting a more experienced client front and centre to use them as a model for the class and new clients 

  • Placing newcomers next to experienced clients to help them navigate equipment like a Pilates reformer or an indoor bike 

  • Encouraging instructors to keep an eye out for first-timers to help them make adjustments in form and pace and offer modifications. 

Send them off with a smile

The class is over, and your ClassPass user had a great time! They’ve felt welcomed and well taken care of. How do you encourage them to come again? Send them off with any or all of these strategies: 

  • Ask for feedback at the end of class, encouraging them to share their likes and dislikes 

  • Have the instructor share when they’re teaching next 

  • Give new clients a printout so they can adjust the equipment themselves next time, such as their bike measurements, reformer configuration, or weights (plus, this gives them something physical to take home with them—bonus points!) 

  • Recommend another class type or time based on their feedback, and offer them a way to sign up before they leave 

ClassPass is a great way to find people ready to step out of their comfort zone and refresh their fitness routine. Remember that coming to a new studio takes guts, and first-timers overcame several barriers to make it through your door. Making them feel welcome and part of your community will help them fall in love and come back again and again. 

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About the author:

julia healey headshot classpass mindbody

Julia Healey

Senior Director, Account Development


Julia is a lifelong competitive athlete, a people-first leader, and a passionate thought partner. As a ClassPass user since 2011, she jumped at the opportunity to combine her experience in supporting clients with her love of wellness experiences by joining the ClassPass team in 2019. Prior to joining ClassPass, she developed a passion for working with business owners through her experience leading teams at Yelp. Now, Julia leads the teams that support, engage, and collaborate with partners on ClassPass.


Julia brings a deep knowledge of the ClassPass business model and a strong desire to support business owners as they navigate through today's challenges. She believes that making wellness more inclusive and accessible will not only benefit the individuals that engage in these experiences but also accelerate the growth of the industry.

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