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Introducing the Customer Advocates Program

By Kate Sikes

August 1, 2023

What is the Customer Advocates Program?

We’re introducing a new initiative, exclusively available to our customers and Mindbody system users, called the Customer Advocates Program (or, CAP for short). CAP makes it easy to refer friends or local businesses in your community to learn more about our software. For every new business that signs up, we’ll give you a $100 reward to say ‘thank you.’ It’s that simple.

But, why ‘thank you?’

Let’s be honest: you make your studio what it is and you’re responsible for its accomplishments. Whether you own the business or lead a weekly class, you work hard, commit to learning how to improve, and drive your own success. Mindbody is a tool here to support you – we’re a service to promote you, and ultimately a vision to bring your consumers together in a unique and market-defining way. But we’re not ‘us’ without you.

I’m a Mindbody team member, living and working in NYC, and close to the pulse of everything we do as a company. I can tell you without hesitation our top focus is you, from our inspiring executive team to the talented folks you hear on the other end of the line when you call customer support. When you recommend us to a friend, we recognize your endorsement in our mission, but just as important in what we’re doing for you in your home base studio. We’re committed to giving your referral the VIP treatment, consulting with them to determine what solution best serves what they’re doing and giving them exceptional support. We want to thank you for that referral because at the end of the day, we know our community wouldn’t be here without you and businesses like yours.

So we invite you to be a part of something bigger in 2019 – become a Customer Advocate for exclusive rewards and promotions, and to partner with us to grow our community. We can’t wait to get to work!

Questions about the program? Feel free to email us at [email protected] and one of our Customer Advocate managers will reach out.

Ready to learn more about CAP and refer today?

Visit Mindbody Integrations

About the author:

Kate Sikes Headshot

Kate Sikes

Channel Partner Manager


With six years under her belt as a member of the Mindbody and Booker team, Kate contributes to efforts across the organization and spearheads innovative customer-focused initiatives to grow the global wellness community. She manages Channel Partner relationships for both platforms, and is based in New York City.

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