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4 Reasons Your Business Should Be on the Mindbody App

By Jay Greene

The Mindbody app makes it easy for customers to search for wellness classes and appointments, like yours, nearby—wherever they go. To make things even easier, they can book and pay right from their phone.

And it’s only getting better; each month, consumers book more than 6.2 million class and appointment sessions through the Mindbody app,* an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your business.

The app is free to all Mindbody businesses and all consumers.

Showcasing your business is a very good thing.​​​​​​

Here are four reasons why listing on the Mindbody app is one of the best things you can do for your business.

1. Be found: Make it easy for customers to discover your business

Let’s say there’s a person who’s interested in trying out a new yoga studio. If that person jumps on Google and looks up “yoga” in their area, they’ll see results from every yoga business nearby.

You wouldn’t want your business withheld from showing up in Google search results, despite the fact you’re guaranteed to show up alongside other businesses, would you?

Making your business discoverable where people are searching is the best way to attract new customers—and even to be booked more frequently by existing ones.

The Mindbody app is no different. A listing helps your business be found more easily, more often.

2. You can show off what makes your business excellent

There’s only one business like yours in the world. Consider what makes your business excellent and show it off to the world.

Is it your instructors or stylists? Your space? Your vibe? The Mindbody app provides a platform to highlight the reasons people already love your business. Maybe you have an exquisite studio in a great location, a unique approach to a wellness practice, or instructors and practitioners with a great amount of experience to set you apart from the competition.

You built your business with your specific passion in mind, but are your mission and purpose clear to prospective customers? Feature great images and copy surrounding your uniqueness and what keeps you moving—chances are, your ideal customers can relate.

3. You’ll be there when your customers want you most

When you include your business in any network, you open the door to new opportunities. The Mindbody app offers a menu of complementary services, from fitness to beauty and spa treatments. People who invest in themselves are likely to purchase an array of wellness services, including fitness and beauty.

Think of it this way: when fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses work together to support the overall well-being of people everywhere, everyone wins. With the Mindbody app, you become part of a global network while putting your business in the hands of customers in your community.

4. Your competitors are in the Mindbody app

The Mindbody app is where millions of consumers are searching for wellness, fitness, and beauty. If you’re not listed in the Mindbody app because you don’t want to be seen next to your competitors, then whenever someone in your area searches for a service you offer, only your competitors will show up.

If you’re not showing up next to them in the Mindbody app, then the customers who would have preferred you will miss out by never knowing what you had to offer.

*Data reflects monthly average Mindbody app usage June 2019.

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*Data reflects monthly average Mindbody usage from Looker data reporting through 2023.

About the author:

Jay Greene

Lifecycle Program Manager

Jay works with our Lifecycle team to bring valuable content to Mindbody subscribers. When he’s not wearing his Mindbody lanyard, Jay can be found cooking, swirling wine, circuit training or reading a dusty old book of classical philosophy.

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