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5 Ways to Create a Thriving Wellness Business

By Mindbody

With more and more wellness businesses opening their doors and consumers’ interest in health and well-being on the rise, it’s more important than ever for business owners to deliver memorable experiences. To help you meet and exceed customer expectations, we asked fitness experts for their advice on what makes a successful wellness business.

Give them choices

“Fitness has become more of a lifestyle choice than a ‘must do’ chore, which is why it’s important to provide more choices for customers to integrate physical activity into their lives. The key to differentiation is building a community—a tribe of loyal, like-minded individuals who want to be part of an aspiring and healthy place, where they can do a lot more than just run on a treadmill” said Olia Sardarova, CEO at BXR London.

Create a fun experience

“Fitness, in its best form, is a sociable experience for the customer,” advises Zoe Bertali, co-founder at The Refinery E9. She explains, “The social side of fitness has always been really important to us—the coldness of just pumping iron gives us hives! People are no longer looking for just a workout, they want the full experience.”

“Walking out of Disco Barre or RUSH HIIT, you’ll feel like you just spent an hour out dancing with your friends. Our classes are kept small on purpose to encourage people to get to know each other and find camaraderie in their shared experience.  After all, who doesn’t want exercise to be a pleasurable experience?

Build your business on passion

Catie Miller, co-founder at Xtend Barre London explains, “Follow your passion. When I opened Xtend Barre, I was ready for it to become a huge part of my life. Building a brand means you have to eat, sleep and breathe that energy. Expect to put other things in your life on hold for a couple of years; your business will be your baby and it’s important to nurture it in the critical beginning stage. All the hard work and sacrifices that you make now will pay off later.”

Foster a community

Catie also recommends building a face-to-face community. “For me, this was one of the main priorities when opening a boutique fitness studio in the heart of London. It’s all very well to have a fancy Instagram page but building a face-to-face relationship with your actual guests will breed a deeper sense of connection and success.”

“Most of us are time-poor, so when we commit to an exercise class or fitness membership, we’re looking for results, personal connections and fun. This builds consistency in training and keeps your business thriving year-on-year.”

Hire the most talented people in your industry

Sophie Clyde-Smith, career manager at Welltodo, believes it’s all about growing your team with the right people. “Finding a talented and passionate team is one of the most important elements,” she explains.  

“Welltodo is currently the only company in wellness providing an industry-specific job board. It’s a platform that allows you to instantly tap into a vast, global audience. So, if your company anticipates growth in 2018, our top tip is to partner and collaborate with experts in the industry who understand wellness and the people who engage with it. They can help you do the same.”

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