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5 Ways to Improve Retention at Your Boutique Fitness Studio with a Rewards Program

By Crystal Zakaluzny

January 4, 2022

Looking to build a loyal following at your boutique fitness studio? Boutique studios offer a more intimate setting where customers feel more at home, build strong relationships with other members and want to tell others about the amazing services they experience. A rewards program can help to increase sales, bring in new customers and keep your current customers loving your business. To build that loyal following add these ideas to your rewards program.

2. Incentivize attendance

Aaron, at The Underground Dance Center in Toronto, Canada boosts attendance for new and current customers with his rewards program. Customers can use their points to redeem a class for a friend who has never attended class at The Underground Dance Center. This gesture brings in new customers and the likelihood of retention is high due to the relationship with a current customer. Current customers can also redeem points for a free class for themselves. These points add up quickly with frequent attendance and customers love the perk of attending for free.

At The Hot Yoga Factory in Chelmsford, MA owner Terri expires points after sixty days of inactivity to incentivize attendance. Customers do not want to lose their hard earned points and are quick to book a class after receiving a warning email that their points will expire if the customer does not attend class within the next week.

3. Sell more retail

Terri, at The Hot Yoga Factory, sells more retail with her reward program. In fact, her retail sales pay her rent. Terri encourages these retail sales with points for buying retail- one point for every dollar spent on retail and customers can reward themselves with ten percent off their next retail purchase when redeeming four hundred points. She also includes rewards for specific products such as $10 off a yoga mat and four hundred points for a branded shirt.

The Underground Dance Centre also drives retails sales with their perk of 20% off branded gear. This single perk has increased the number of customers wearing branded retail.

4. Bring in new customers with your intro offer 

An intro offer is a great marketing tool to bring in new customers. Your intro offer can be set up on the marketplace for other businesses to add to their perks and help to drive traffic to your business. You can also set up the intro offer as a reward that your customers can gift a friend. At The Hot Yoga Factory four hundred points can be redeemed to give a friend the Welcome Special which is thirty days of Unlimited yoga. 

5. Offer rewards from other businesses

Create alliances with other businesses so you can add them to the marketplace and feature them as rewards for your customers. A fitness business in Europe has rewards available from a local bakery, massage therapist, osteopath, acupuncturist, coffee shop, autobody shop and grocery store. This offers a wide range of options for the customer. 

The Hot Yoga Factory customers can choose from online supplements to an intro offer at a local cycling business. These options allow the business to offer more choices without having to give their own services or products at a discount.

Implementing these ideas will not only increase your customer’s loyalty but boost your revenue and the number of customers. The benefits for your business and your customers by having a well organized reward program are priceless.

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About the author:

Crystal Zakaluzny Headshot

Crystal Zakaluzny

Mindbody Certified Business Consultant

Crystal has years of hands-on experience in the fitness industry. For over six of those years, she owned a fitness training center specializing in personal training, yoga and Pilates. Through her business consultant certification and using Mindbody software for her own business, Crystal became very familiar with the reports and daily operations needed to optimize Mindbody for any fitness or wellness business. Crystal’s mentoring and leadership strategies are designed to foster growth in her clients’ teams and businesses. She works with clients to achieve the kind of financial organization and security they need to truly flourish.

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