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4 Automated Campaigns to Fill Open Appointments at Your Salon or Spa

By Lauren McAlister

May 24, 2022

If the appointments at your spa or salon are, well, more open than you’d like, you’ve found the right blog post. Having slow days, or weeks, is a sign you need to ramp up your marketing efforts—and personalized, automated email and text campaigns are a simple place to start.

It's true, sending emails and texts to subscribers doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to make a big impact. With the right automated email and text marketing software, you can set your campaigns and forget ‘em; the software will do the rest.

If you’re looking to fill appointments and increase revenue (of course you are, right?), here are four opportunities to send automated email and text campaigns:

1. When you want to retain a new customer.

After a customer has been to your business for the first time, staying top of mind is key to getting them to re-engage and schedule again. To “nurture” this new customer, create a personalized drip campaign, or a series of emails sent on a pre-set schedule, in your marketing software. Remember: You’ll only set your campaign up once; each email in the drip will be automatically triggered.  

What does an automated drip campaign look like? Here's an example:

  • Automated email 1 (Triggered 1-day post-treatment): Include a thank you note and treatment follow-up tips

  • Automated email 2 (Triggered 1-week post-treatment): Includes additional product suggestions and advice for treatment maintenance

  • Automated email 3 (Triggered 3-weeks post-treatment): Asks when the subscriber wants to schedule their next treatment

2. When you need to fill a last-minute opening.

Even with a strict cancellation policy in place, last-minute cancellations happen. Clients may get caught up in rush hour or pulled into a work meeting at the end of the day–some cancellations you just can’t plan for as a small business owner. Not to worry, you can easily eliminate those openings with an automated email and text campaign that automatically triggers and targets the right customers just in the nick of time. Be sure to add a last-minute discount in the automation to encourage subscribers to act fast.

Automated email and text messages

3. When you’re looking to fill slow days.

Have you ever wondered which days your business may experience slowness in the upcoming weeks? By incorporating automated marketing software at your business, you can utilize artificial intelligence to take the guesswork out of the equation. From there, automated emails and texts are triggered, driving subscribers to schedule their next appointment. Slow days, no more!

Fill slow days automated campaign

4. When you simply want to remind your clients to book again.

Whether it’s a regular client or someone you haven’t seen at your business in a while, automation comes in handy when you want to nudge customers to come back in after a certain amount of time. Customize automated emails and texts that specifically target subscribers who haven’t rescheduled to make sure their next appointment is on the books.

Now that you have your automated marketing campaigns set up, let’s cover the rest of your email strategy.

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About the author:

Lauren McAlister

Lauren McAlister

Senior Marketing Content Specialist


Lauren is the co-owner of a fitness studio and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Born and raised in California, Lauren has a heart for fitness, travel, and baking. She's also passionate about crafting meaningful content for others in the wellness space, which makes her role at Mindbody a perfect fit.


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