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Minbody vs. Zoom

5 Ways Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform is Different from Zoom 

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

Remember when gyms and studios were filled with people working out together in packed rooms or hopping from machine to machine for however long they wanted? The world changed drastically, and with it, changed how we think about wellness. Virtual fitness became the go-to during lockdowns, and it’s also not going anywhere. Fifty-four percent of consumers report that their workouts will be a hybrid model, blending virtual and in-person experiences to meet their needs, even after things “go back to normal.” Fitness and wellness businesses need a platform that enables them to supply the best experience for their clients, no matter if it's in person, livestreamed, or pre-recorded. 

That’s where Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform comes into play.   

What's the Virtual Wellness Platform? Why is it important?  

With in-person workouts inaccessible or with limited space, virtual livestream workouts have become the new way that studios need to operate, not just while shut down or under COVID-19 restrictions. Virtual workouts are now an essential function of businesses that allow business owners to maximise their revenue, meet client expectations to be accessible 24/7 from any part of the world, and attract new types of clients.  

Your clients expect a virtual experience that's just as seamless as what you offer in-person, and you need a platform that helps you do the best for both. When it comes to virtual platforms, most are familiar with Zoom as the one-stop-shop for a variety of our virtual needs, including work meetings, online classes, virtual get-togethers, etc. – Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform is a platform designed for wellness businesses like you, your instructors, and meeting the specific challenges you face in this hybrid fitness world.

Why try Mindbody as your Virtual Platform over Zoom? 

So, why choose Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform over Zoom? Here are the top reasons why Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform creates the best virtual experience for your business and clients.

1. Save time and focus on your students: 

Unlike Zoom, which can be used for a variety of reasons, our Virtual Wellness Platform is made for exactly what it sounds like – wellness. The features you’ve come to expect in a live class are all there for instructors (screen sharing, chat, letting instructors mute, and lock student mics), but we didn’t stop there. Because our livestream solution is directly integrated with your Mindbody software, we can automate features to save your staff time. Those livestream links that need to be emailed to students right before class? We’ll automatically send them to you. Are you screenshotting your livestream attendee list and manually checking in students? We check-in live attendees for you so instructors have one less thing to worry about. 

2. Create more authentic community content (and monetize it):

Your clients have new expectations for how they want to access your business and services – they want to access your brand and services anytime, from anywhere. The Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform doesn’t start and stop with live experiences. Why not host a live class and record it? It’s automatically uploaded to your video-on-demand library, giving your members access to authentic content anytime they want. You can even monetize your video library to earn revenue and convert consumers into your virtual memberships.

3. More for clients to love: 

Because the Virtual Wellness Platform is directly integrated with your Mindbody software, you unlock potential for you and your clients. One example is how your clients can access your virtual services. Yes, the livestream link is automatically emailed to clients–but with a branded app, booking and joining your virtual services are all beautifully packaged in an app that elevates your brand. Clients can even access your video-on-demand content and book and buy your in-person offerings, giving your clients 24/7 access to all your offerings. 

4. Built-in ways to attract and retain new clients: 

One of the best parts of using Mindbody to power your livestream and in-person experiences are simple ways for you to attract new clients. By listing your business in the Mindbody app, millions of fitness and wellness lovers can easily discover and book your offerings.  

It’s also easy to keep your community engaged (and up-sell them) with seamless integration between the Virtual Wellness Platform and Marketing Suite—promote your livestream classes, feature video content in your emails, and even include exclusive offers to increase email engagement, retain clients, and drive revenue.  

5. It’s constantly improving:  

The Mindbody Virtual Wellness Platform was created to make the most out of the new virtual wellness climate that we’re all constantly adapting to. We have the same goal as every wellness business owner – which is, to make working out from home fun, efficient, and easy. Because of this, we’re constantly striving to evolve the experience you offer your clients with updates that adapt alongside the world we’re living in.  

So, why choose the Mindbody Virtual Wellness Platform over Zoom? Well, to put it simply – it’s not just a platform for video conferencing, it’s a platform designed specifically for you and your community. We're constantly evolving to help you grow and adapt exceed your clients’ new expectations. 

Interested in trying Mindbody's Virtual Wellness Platform out for your business? Check it out.

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