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Business Plan Template for Gym Owners

Business Plan Template for Gym Business Owners


Business Plan Template for Gym Owners

When opening a gym, you'll need a solid business plan to outline your financials, facility and retail needs, marketing, and more. 

Being an entrepreneur—and especially a gym owner—isn't easy, but it can be a lucrative endeavor, especially with the right resources to set you up for success. 

This interactive PDF guides you through the essential parts of your gym business plan and even includes budgeting tables to assist with your gym's financials.  

Ready to get started? Download the template to create your own gym business plan, including:

  • Executive Summary, outlining your gym's target market, service offering, and competition (i.e., other fitness facilities in your surrounding area) 

  • Organization and Management, including the management software (like Mindbody) you want to use at your facility, your business staffing goals, and what credit card processor makes sense for your gym—and clients

  • Pricing and Retention Strategies, including the drop-in price clients will pay for your services at your fitness center as well as any fees and membership options your gym offers

  • Marketing and Sales, including how you plan to market your business to clients online, through social media, and more

  • Equipment and Retail, including the various gym equipment you'll need to help clients work out most effectively at your facility as well as any retail products you plan to sell

  • Financial Projections, including business start-up costs (facility build-out, fitness equipment, legal fees, sound system, etc.), ongoing costs (gym rent, instructor/personal trainer payroll, music, etc.), and whether or not you plan to bring on investors or additional financing through loans

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Future Vision, including the metrics you'll track to measure progress at your gym (profit, gym memberships sold, client retention, etc.) 

This single document will serve as the guiding force for your gym, ensuring every decision you make aligns with your business goals and vision. 

Business Plan Template for Gym Business Owners


Business Plan Template for Gym Owners
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