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Xtend Barre London

Xtend Barre squad

Catie Miller, owner and founder of Xtend Barre London, is a former dancer and performer who had a ‘change of pace’ moment when she became a mother to her first child and decided to elevate her love for fitness, wellbeing and community by bringing Xtend Barre to the UK. 

“After I went through the application process with Xtend Barre and was accepted, we agreed to run a pop up studio in London in close proximity to our desired location. This was extremely beneficial as it allowed us to introduce the Xtend Barre program to the market and start to build a following. However, due to the difficulties in securing our permanent location, the whole process ended up taking two years, so we kept the pop up open and continued to raise the brand awareness and build our client base in the area.

I'm still educating my clients on what barre is as well as what differentiates Xtend Barre from its competitors and I feel that it’s such an exciting time to be involved in the boutique fitness industry."

Xtend Barre London has now been open over two years in their flagship Marylebone studio.

Xtend Barre Instructor

Catie also highlights the importance of connection with her clients. “Whether it be that they're recovering from injury, illness or just trying to change their lifestyle - you get to know all of these incredible & inspirational stories that everybody is living. And you wouldn't know unless you connect.”

Being a female entrepreneur and role model is also important for Catie.

“I am a mum, pregnant with my second child and running my business. I’m also fortunate that I work with my husband. I just want to say that it is possible and it's really rewarding and I love that my son enjoys coming to the studio and spending time there as it's such a delightful space & atmosphere for him to be a part of. He is surrounded by incredibly strong clients all day long and he himself is learning so much from being immersed in that environment.”


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