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Manage your business for 2020

How to Elevate Your Business in One Month in 2020

By Mindbody

Over 20% of new businesses in the UK fail within 12 months, while 70% of small businesses believe their performance will not improve in the future.

In light of the above data, we have launched our new Business Fitness Pack. The pack includes 31 unique pieces of advice to help owners and managers get the most out of their business throughout 2020.

The advice is broken down into daily tips, designed so each one can be implemented or shared throughout a month, to influence positive change by the end. All of the 31 tips are categorised into priority focus areas for businesses, including:

  • Tracking communication with clients
  • Motivating customers
  • Increasing staff wellbeing
  • Effectively launching deals and offers
  • Handling negative reviews
  • Engaging with customers on social media
  • Cultivating customer loyalty
  • Hiring the right staff

Examples of advice included with the pack include:

How to Motivate Customers

1. Introduce technology to a class - Mindbody research revealed 15% of people use technology to motivate them, therefore introducing technology that allows users to link their fitness trackers to a shared screen will increase their motivation!

2. Encourage workout buddies - Over a third (34%) of people say bringing someone else along for a workout increases their motivation, so try encouraging customers to bring a plus one to their next class.

How to Efficiently Track Communication with Clients

1. Any instance where a member of your team communicates with a client, record that communication within your business software to ensure all staff have access to the conversation and can follow-up in a timely manner if needed.

2. Have your staff keep their ears open for feedback from clients (even if it is just mentioned in passing) and record the feedback to ensure an ongoing record of how your clients are feeling about your business, and where it can improve.

Business Wellness Pack

The advice has been developed by specialists across Mindbody’s global team and is designed to advise business owners on common issues they may face, from attracting and retaining customers, to increasing sales and motivating staff.

Lydia Cardona, the marketing communications specialist at Mindbody, says: “Starting a business can be an incredibly stressful time and it is a worrying statistic that 20% fail in the first year. Even for established businesses, staying on top of the competition and fuelling growth is a constant challenge. With more wellness facilities than ever before in the UK, it is increasingly important to choose a software partner that has the tools and the features your business needs to succeed and to scale.

“With our increased focus on Customer Success in 2020 and the launch of Contracts with our Business Analyst service, our customers can expect practical advice on a wide range of issues that can be detrimental to their success. Our 31 business tips ‘pack’ is just a teaser of the types of topics that can be engaged to help attract clients, boost sales and keep staff happy.”

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