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Whats Next For Mindbody

By Mindbody Product Team

April 19, 2024

Product and feature availability varies by region. Contact your account rep to learn more.

We’re always working on new ways to help your business thrive—and we’ve got exciting news to share. We have a bunch of product updates in the pipeline that our customers have been asking for. We’re confident these changes will help you bring in new clients, keep your current clients happy, and manage your business seamlessly. And they’re coming out soon. 

Enhanced appointment widget

The booking experience is about to be revamped. Branded web tools are getting an intuitive new interface and a streamlined flow. You’ll find new options like adding service and provider descriptions, including a “Starting at” price, and the ability to choose "Any Staff" to reduce friction and help your clients get in the door quickly. Get ready to boost your bookings!  

Updated language for class waitlist-to-roster SMS notification

An updated version of SMS is coming soon—when clients are moved from a waitlist to a class, they’ll get a text confirmation with an easy option to cancel and a reminder about the cancellation policy. This update can dynamically adapt to various brand and location configurations, which should help reduce client no-shows. Fewer no-shows? That’s a win. 

Core appointment enhancements

Say goodbye to scheduling errors and hello to a simplified workflow. Booking add-ons is getting faster and staff selection is becoming context-aware so you’ll soon be able to automatically add the base service provider to the add-on. Plus, we’re working on an improved drag-and-drop calendar feature that provides clear alerts for adjustments and enhanced scheduling accuracy. 

Modernized payments

Get ready for a seamless payment experience—Apple Pay will soon be available in the Mindbody app (for US businesses using Stripe). Plus, if you use the WisePOS payment terminal, your business will be able to sell contracts as a payment method directly through the E-Reader (already available in the US). Paying for classes in an app has never been so convenient and secure! 

Lead Management enhancements

Lead Management—your built-in system for coordinating your sales funnel, nurturing clients, and turning your leads into memberships—is about to get even more effective. We just launched an automatic lead capture from Facebook and Instagram which means you can get leads directly from your social media accounts. 

You'll also notice automatic tagging of leads from public API and ClassPass with their sources, and a user-friendly filter that allows you to see follow-up tasks for specific durations. And more exciting things are on the way! We’re working to make lead management a breeze for your business. 

While we can’t wait for these upcoming releases, know that this is just the beginning. We’re always working on tools to help grow your business and make managing easier. Let us know what you think—your feedback is crucial to our progress as we continue to evolve and innovate. 

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Product and feature availability varies by region. Contact your account rep to learn more. 

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