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February 2024 Product Release Notes: The latest on Lead Management, AI Assistant, and more

By Mindbody Product Team

April 24, 2024

From tools with machine learning to easier ways to manage multiple studios, here are some optimizations to make the most of your Mindbody software. 

Lead Management: Track leads from external sources

Woman sitting at desk with phone on her hand and a computer showing lead management software

For Ultimate and Ultimate+ users: Capture and track third-party leads, like Facebook and Instagram ads, with Lead Management. You'll be able to see which platforms are performing well and which ones aren't, so that you can make informed budget decisions. 

In addition, incoming leads from custom API integrations or branded web widgets will automatically be tagged by their lead channel value (which you can find on the details tab of a lead card). With this tag, you can use the sales funnel analytics report to gain better insight into how each channel is performing. Learn more about Lead Management on our support page

Appointment add-ons: Streamline booking extras

Woman standing above a man giving him a facial with the UI of booking add-ons is shown

For all software users: Booking add-ons just got simpler for your clients. When reserving a service, the add-on feature will now automatically use the same staff as the initial booking (if that staff member offers that service). ICYMI, this feature was updated in the business app last month

To prevent any confusion, we also added an improved drag-and-drop alert to clarify appointment adjustments. This improves scheduling accuracy by providing more context about where the appointment was moved from, who it was with, and the date. 

AI Assistant: Get automated support when you need it

Woman standing at desk with computer monitor in front of her and the UI of an in-product AI assistant is overlayed

For upgraded Mindbody navigation users: Get real-time support on demand with our AI Assistant. This feature is trained in all things Mindbody and is ready to answer your most complex product questions using our extensive support database.  

Our AI provides you with relevant resource links and product info, right from your software so you can focus on the task at hand. Stay tuned for details on our wider roll-out coming soon. 

Predictive AI: Generate more revenue with machine learning

Woman standing in front of desk and the product UI of predictive AI is overlayed

For small to medium businesses on the upgraded Mindbody navigation: Both business owners and staff can now put our latest machine learning tech to the test. The new “Big Spender” tool on the upgraded Mindbody navigation dashboard uses machine learning to predict if a customer will become one of your business’s VIPs. Just 11% of clients can account for 54% of your studio's revenue, so this data can help you take the initiative to create lasting connections with valuable clients.  

We’ve also launched the “Clients-at-Risk" feature to help you save customers who might churn. This tool identifies the common traits of customers likely to drop and notifies you so you can intervene with a note, a promo, or a special touch. After all, the most cost-effective way to generate revenue is to engage with the clients you’ve got.  Learn more about Client AI predictions on our support page

Service categories: Create a uniform system

Woman working out on treadmill in a busy class with UI of booking service category selector overlayed

For enterprise users: Have your say in who can edit your business’s services. When adding new booking categories in the enterprise dashboard, users can now lock (or unlock) specific services. This allows multi-studio businesses to create consistency across their locations and avoids having individuals modify their configurations. 

Individual studios can still toggle the active or inactive and “available for online booking” attributes, but the remaining categories are only editable by HQ. Learn more about enterprise solutions on our support page

Corporate login: Manage your multi-studio network

Man sitting at desk on his phone with UI of multi-location selector overlayed

For enterprise users with access to the Mindbody business app: Access all your business locations in one place with optimized site-to-site navigation. The corporate staff login makes it simple for enterprise HQ staff to manage multiple studios by toggling from one location to the next. We've now extended this functionality to the Mindbody Business app, so that HQ staff can access any location in their multi-studio network while on the go. 

Marketing Suite: Send mass messages with confidence

Woman on couch while on laptop with UI of marketing suite mass message send overlayed

For Marketing Suite users: To improve the speed and performance of our Marketing Suite, we’ve established limits so each of your business locations can now send 200K emails per day. This frees up bandwidth and makes the system run more reliably and efficiently, so you can focus on engaging with clients through effective marketing channels. To get help with our Marketing Suite, check out our support page

The latest bug fixes

  • BUG-9780: [Mindbody.Shuttle.UI] Missing billing information client alert overlay not covering header and nav bar  
  • BUG-15692: [course][enrollment] Sad robot pop up when click on course schedule  
  • BUG-10306: Members only pricing option showing above the book button in the Mindbody App  
  • BUG-15242: Mindbody App - consumer account - unable to verify email stuck in a loop  
  • BUG-15390: [Business App] [Android] Staff Initials not visible once a date is selected  
  • BUG-14020: [Mindbody] Extending a pricing option duration reverts itself in the Account Details screen after clicking on the Recalculate button 
  • BUG-15383: [Core] When editing pricing options in German sites on account details wrong language is displayed 
  • BUG-15691: [Core] free class & unpaid online signups checkbox not saving and reverting back to unchecked when saving on the class schedule 

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