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Expert Tips to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

By Mindbody

May 2, 2022

The “new year, new me” mantra often encourages people to pursue their fitness goals and nurture their overall health. But what about when February arrives and we’re cancelling that spin class or hiding those new trainers under the sofa?

We asked top wellness professionals for advice on how to stay focused on wellness goals and keep fitness routines on track throughout the year.

Exercise with a friend

By this time of year everyone’s had their fill of social gatherings and wants to hibernate instead. Make the most of your downtime and arrange to go to a class after work instead of the pub. The more fun and social you can make exercise, the more likely you are to stick to it.

Make it part of your routine

Research shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit, so the quicker you can make your new fitness endeavour part of your daily routine, the more likely it is to stick. Make it easier to incorporate into your daily life by choosing somewhere convenient, for example en route to work, or at lunchtime near your office. The less mental effort it takes to get there, the better!

Mix it up

Boredom can put a stop to even the best intentions to get fit. Use an app like MINDBODY to help you find new and exciting classes that keep you mentally engaged. By trying something new, you’ll also discover great deals and different ways to move.

Make it sustainable

Catie Miller, Co-Founder of Xtend Barre in London, advises putting the focus on a sustainable workout that you’ll want to keep doing again and again: “Find a workout that ignites your soul. For me, that was Xtend Barre. When you find a workout that’s safe, effective and fun it becomes an enjoyable habit. Well-being is a lifestyle and it should slot into your life without pressure. Setting achievable, daily goals will bring lasting fulfilment and the results will speak for themselves!”

Learn a new skill

Gideon Remfry, Wellness Director at KX & KXU, fitness and wellbeing studios in London, emphasises the importance of choosing an activity you can grow with: “Choose something where you can build a new skill and master it over time. This is better for adherence, and also creates a fitter mind and body. Think big, have fun and remember exercise is for life, not just for January.”


Zoe Bertali from The Refinery talks about the importance of slowing down to take inventory of your breathing when things get hectic: “Close your eyes and start to observe the breath. When we’re aware of our breath, we anchor ourselves into the moment and can tap back into the magic of our bodies with a little extra gratitude. By controlling the breath, we start to calm the nervous system and bring a bit of balance back to the mind and body. Everything moves so quickly these days, being still with ourselves can be an amazing way to reboot and clear some junk.”


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