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A class warming up at Gymnazo

With a focus on blending restoration and performance training, Gymnazo has created an environment that celebrates each member’s uniqueness with flexible, scalable workouts.

Gymnazo co-founder Michael Hughes knew he always wanted to study human movement. When his plan of attending grad school for physical therapy didn't work out, Michael became a personal trainer as a way to keep his dream alive. Shortly after, Michael was exposed to Applied Functional Science or AFS, and his path was forever changed. He enrolled in an AFS fellowship and started blending AFS with his fitness background, and the idea that would one day become Gymnazo was born.

Balancing Growth, Brand, and Family

Michael started Gymnazo with only 18 customers, but soon began to attract new members, and Michael knew that he needed help. He hired a woman named Paden to help him build his brand. Shortly afterward, Paden and Michael discovered they had more in common than just the business. They started dating and married within a year.

In the years since, both Gymnazo and the Hughes family have grown. Gymnazo moved from a rented space within a health club to a large facility that can run multiple classes concurrently, while Paden and Michael have welcomed two children into their family.

Balancing all of their growing responsibilities meant that Paden and Michael had to delegate.

Paden Hughes at Gymnazo

Eliminate, Delegate, or Automate

"Somebody told me early in my career: 'Instead of focusing on making to-do lists, make a do-not-do list.' There are a million different hats that we wear in small business, and we can't get it done every day," Paden said.

With Marketing Suite, Gymnazo can automate emails and text messages to their customers. No matter how busy the staff gets, members are still feeling the love.

"If you can get a high five in the facility, and then a few hours later at home get another high five on a text message or an email, that only just carries on that excitement," Michael said. "Your likelihood of success goes up because you want to come back, you want to do it again. You want to be at a place where people care about every detail of your life. That's what Mindbody does for us."

Connecting through Automation

Before using Marketing Suite, Gymnazo used four different platforms to accomplish what they could do with Marketing Suite. After making the switch, Gymnazo was able to save money on their subscription costs for other software in addition to reducing how much time spent on communicating with their members. In August 2019, Marketing Suite earned Gymanzo over $3,000 in revenue, and lead to five new memberships.

“My team loves this tool,” Paden said. “It’s easy-to-use, it’s integrated. They aren’t logging in, logging out. It has more tools and capabilities than we had with the other software programs we were using.”

And Gymnazo is just getting started. While they've built automation to celebrate milestones and birthdays, they know there's so much more they can create.

"We feel like even now we've underutilised the tool, which excites us because that means there's so much more potential," Paden said. "There's so much more opportunity that we can have to really create a cool experience for people who've just learned about our brand to people who are lifers and have been here with us for a decade or more. Marketing Suite allows us to connect with people."

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