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June product release notes MB

June 2024 Product Release Notes

By Mindbody Product Team

June 27, 2024

Our latest changes have arrived! We've launched optimizations for our core platform, Lead Management, auto emails, and more. Take a look to see what’s new for June.

Mindbody platform: Experience improved performance

For Mindbody users in all regions 

We made critical, long-term improvements to our core platform through planned maintenance earlier this month. Because of this upgrade, we're able to offer optimized system performance, faster product updates, enhanced reliability, and consistent stability. This update also came with more support for our industry-leading security controls.

Auto emails page settings: Review & manage messages efficiently

For Mindbody users in all regions 

Manage messages in less time on your auto emails overview page. New toggle controls make it so you can enable or disable selected messages with a click. Each email also includes a brief description, making for easier review. 

Looking for a specific email? Search for messages by name, key word, or description. Plus, you can filter emails by category and sort through messages by name or when they were enabled. This makes it faster to check which auto emails are activated and helps to ensure smoother onboarding. 

Lead Management: Accurately track sales, filter dates, & capture marketing permission via Facebook Ads

Lead management product release

For Ultimate 2.0 and Ultimate+ users in all regions 

Lead Management got three helpful updates! First up: Date range selection has been refined to include the current date in the selected calendar view to ensure accurate activity tracking.

Next: When leads reach the “win” stage and convert to members, the “prospect” checkbox now automatically unchecks. This creates a streamlined process and helps to track your leads accurately. 

Last but not least: Collect email marketing opt-ins directly through Facebook ad forms. Choose from various consent options, such as transactional or promotional emails and texts, and include them as a customer disclaimer in the form. When clients opt-in, their preferences are automatically updated in the Mindbody software. You'll expand your marketing reach AND remain compliant. Learn more on our Lead Management FAQs support page

Messenger[ai]: Handle last-minute cancellations while retaining revenue

messenger ai product release

For Mindbody users in all regions 

We've implemented a new feature to help with last-minute cancellations so that Messenger[ai] automatically redirects to a live chat. You will also get an alert so that you can provide immediate assistance. This allows you and your staff to address specific client concerns, apply late cancellation fees, or discuss alternatives like rescheduling to help protect your incoming revenue.

navigation product release

For new Mindbody navigation users in all regions 

Any staff with “service categories screen” permissions can now edit and reorder navigation pages—which, in turn, can streamline your business operations. Plus, all staff with the "client acquisition dashboard and analytics dashboard" permission can view notifications on their home page, a feature that was previously limited to owners. This makes it easier to keep your employees in the loop with increased communication and intentional coordination.

The latest bug fixes

For updates on all the latest bug resolutions, head over to our support page for more details.

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