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Retention tools

Keep your clients coming back

Send custom, automated campaigns, connect better with clients, build your online reputation—and track everything with powerful reporting.
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Client checking in at front desk of fitness studio

Automate your customer marketing

Stay connected with texting

New location announcement email built using email template

Personalise your campaigns

Make every message on-brand with an integrated email editor and customisable templates.

Want to share an announcement? Keep clients up to date with scheduled, themed messages.

Turn clients into brand ambassadors

Illustration of an online review
Build your online reputation by automatically prompting your best customers to leave a review of their experience on your website, Facebook, Google, and other social review sites.
Illustration of megaphone
Convert happy customers into advocates by easily offering rewards for referring their family and friends.
Illustration of two text speech bubbles
Automatically collect clients' impression of your services with "How are we doing?" messages so you can discover ways to improve their experience.
Dashboard with metrics on automated email performance

Know your marketing ROI

Get your data at a glance and read client reviews with integrated, easy-to-use dashboards.

Analyse and act on your campaign numbers with reports on new visits, memberships, revenue, and more.

"Mindbody's automations are really important to our business. If we wanted to send an email specifically about a workshop focusing on lower back pain, we can use customer profiles to target those people so we are not emailing the whole list about every little thing we do."
Jen Lobo

Jen Lobo

Co-founder, bodē nyc

New York, NY

Show clients the experiences they're missing

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on Accelerate or Ultimate but I don’t see all of Marketing Suite’s features in my software. Why not?

When we rolled out our new software packages in January 2019, existing customers were not automatically upgraded to the new versions, which means some marketing features are not available on your current software package.


If you're happy with your current software package, you're welcome to continue using it. Check out this support article for more information on our software packages.


These upgrades are based directly on feedback from our customers. We're constantly listening to our clients and making adjustments to meet their needs, and businesses just like yours have told us how costly it is to capture new clients and retain them. That's precisely why we've integrated additional marketing capabilities into our software packages. Our hope is that these easy-to-use yet powerful marketing tools will reduce your monthly marketing spend and improve client retention, saving you both time and money.

How do I grant staff permissions to access and use Marketing Suite?

By default, only owner logins and corporate owner logins have access to the new marketing tab. Staff permission groups must be updated to access the new marketing tab permission and its dependencies.


The Marketing section on your Staff Permissions screen controls permissions related to the marketing tab that each staff will have when using your Mindbody site. You can enable or disable all permissions for a single staff member or staff permission group to give them access to view and manage the Marketing Suite features.


Read more about the marketing permissions.

How do I get the new Marketing Suite features?

Schedule a time to talk to your account manager directly from the marketing tab in your software or contact us to go over your options.

What happened to Frederick?

Frederick was rolled into the new Accelerate and Ultimate packages and is part of Marketing Suite. Marketing automation is a core focus of ours and has a powerful impact on the industry. Creating more robust packages with tools to increase customer engagement and retention gives Mindbody users the ability to put their marketing efforts on autopilot and see real results.

Will this affect my pricing?

If you're an existing client, your current subscription price will remain unchanged. You'll only see a price adjustment if you choose to switch to one of our new packages.


For new clients, the price of the new Accelerate package has increased to account for the added value of our automated marketing tools, and the price of the new Ultimate package has actually decreased compared to the previous version.

What if I’m already paying for Frederick as an add-on?

At this time, you can continue to use Frederick’s add-on product. However, it will not be accessible from the marketing tab within your Mindbody software.