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Wellness centre software

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Mobile device and web browser with wellness software scheduling and reporting features
Opened email offer for wellness appointment

Putting your marketing on automatic

What if you could automate every promotional email and text? Set up email drip campaigns that send on their own to just the right group of clients? Make every email personalised to your health and wellness brand? And automatically encourage reviews and referrals from your happiest customers? With the Marketing Suite built into your software, you can.

Color palette and mobile device with custom wellness booking app

Enhancing your brand with a custom app

Give your clients a way to book, buy, and receive your messages from the palm of their hands, and elevate your brand experience at the same time. We’ll design an app for your wellness studio that matches the look and feel of your business, provides your clients with a closer connection to you, and puts your brand where they spend so much time—on their phones.

Mobile device with wellness appointment scheduling through the MINDBODY app

Being part of a network of new clients

The Mindbody app is used by millions of people to find and book fitness, health, and wellness experiences near them. Listing your business is free with your software and gives you the opportunity to attract new clients by promoting your intro offers and last-minute deals directly in the app.

"One of the best things about working with Mindbody is the flexibility and the ability to create a tailored package that enables us to build our customer base authentically. Our business is built on the specific needs of our customers so we value having a tailored package that reflects this."
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Craig Aird

Owner, Clear Mind Studio

Inglewood, Perth

Everything you need in one software

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Wellness software that grows with you

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Frequently asked questions

What is wellness centre software?

Wellness centre software is an online system that helps wellness centre business owners, managers, and staff simplify their daily tasks and build their community of clients. It's designed to make your admin work easier, so you’ll have more time to focus on creating the restorative experiences that keep clients coming back. Whether you’re looking to streamline appointment scheduling, organise staff and payroll, launch a mobile app, run intelligent reports, manage multiple locations, or simplify any other task related to your business, wellness centre software has you covered. And, it’s built to grow with your wellness centre, so you’ll always have the tools to expand your operations when you’re ready.

How does wellness centre software help with member management?

Wellness centre software makes it easier than ever to manage your members and keep clients happy. When they book an appointment with your centre, every new member gets a profile in the software complete with their service history, payment info, and preferences. They’ll be able to log in to their accounts to add or update billing info, view payment and visit history, and redeem rewards points and gift cards, so you’ll spend less time worrying about their details. The software also pings staff with notifications about a member’s important details before they arrive—first visits, birthdays, positive or negative balances, and more. You can set up easy autopay memberships to keep recurring revenue rolling in, and your software’s Card Updater feature will automatically update any expiring credit cards, so your team won’t have to track down new info. Plus, the software allows for account relationships to be set up to streamline member management, and you can offer customisable, members-only perks and priority appointment booking to keep them engaged.

Can I manage multiple locations with wellness centre software?

Yes, wellness centre software can help you manage multiple locations with ease, whether you’re a 3-location small business or a global enterprise with hundreds of centres. You’ll have access to a powerful corporate dashboard that gives you a 360-degree view of all your regions and locations, complete with user groups, retail inventories, and reports for one or all of your sites. You’ll be able to compare cross-location metrics on sales, clients, visits, year-over-year revenue numbers, and more, so you know exactly where to focus your time and efforts. Franchisee fees are easy to manage with the royalty calculator built into the wellness centre software, and you’ll be able to create automated marketing campaigns that will deploy across your entire network. Plus, Mindbody's wellness centre software can support your multi-location growth by offering expert training for your staff, opening our API for custom solutions, and helping with strategic planning.

How does wellness centre software make appointment scheduling easier?

Wellness centre software makes scheduling easier by positioning your business’s calendar in all the places that your clients look to book appointments online. When used on your website’s booking page, the wellness scheduling software gives you a clean, on-brand calendar widget that clients can use to book and pay for services. If you opt in, your software also makes your appointments discoverable on the Mindbody app, the largest network of wellness consumers, and through Google for easy booking. You can even launch a branded mobile app that keeps your schedule and brand close at hand for easy mobile booking, and gives clients the ability to manage their schedules, profiles, and more. There are options to create waitlists in the wellness centre software that automatically notify clients when someone cancels an appointment, and staff can share their schedules and upcoming appointments through social media to fill spots with their following. The best part? No matter where clients book, your appointment schedule updates automatically in the wellness centre software.

What kinds of marketing tools are in wellness centre software to grow my business?

Building a dedicated community of wellness lovers is most likely one of your main goals, and wellness centre software has the marketing tools you need to grow your business, brand, and following. When you run your business with wellness centre software, you’ll be able to list your rejuvenating experiences on the Mindbody app for clients to book, introducing your brand to potential wellness clients in your area. On the app, you can market your services using last-minute deals and intro offers to bring new customers through your doors. Once they’ve tried your business, keep them engaged with automated texts and emails that are sent using smart contact lists based on client info and visit and purchase history in the wellness centre software. You can even turn clients into brand ambassadors by automatically running review, referral, and feedback programs that reward customers for spreading the word. Plus, you’ll know exactly how quickly your business is growing with reports on new visits, revenue, memberships, and more, directly in your wellness centre software.

Does wellness centre software support a mobile app?

Yes, wellness centre software can give you the tools to launch your own mobile app so you can create better connections with your clients and they can engage with your business 24/7. It’s easy to get it up and running—we'll create the app with your colours and logos, you’ll provide feedback on the design, and we’ll help you launch it on the Apple and Android app stores. Clients can schedule or cancel appointments, manage memberships, join waitlists and more, all from an app on their device that looks and feels like your wellness centre. Once clients download your mobile app, you’ll be able to use push notifications to send them news about your business, events announcements, promotions and deals, “we miss you" messages, and more, so they’re always in the know. A mobile app isn’t available with every wellness centre software package, so talk with sales to find the software solution that fits your needs.

How much does wellness centre software cost?

There are a handful of packages for Mindbody wellness centre software, and the number of included features varies depending on the option. Mindbody offers a package geared towards starter businesses that has the most basic features and a top-of-the-line option for centres that need the full power of the software, as well as a couple in between—plus customer support included. There are also a few add-ons that can fulfil any business need for wellness centres, from Messenger[ai] front desk to a branded mobile app for appointment scheduling. For more information on Mindbody wellness centre software cost and features, visit the integrative health pricing page.