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How to Track Vaccination Status in Your Mindbody Software

By Mindbody Product Team

January 4, 2022

The information contained in this post is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice. Laws on storing information relating to an individual’s vaccine status differ based on where you operate.  For further information on complying with your local laws and regulations pertaining to the storage of your customers’ vaccine status, we recommend consulting your legal counsel.

Wellness businesses do everything they can to keep their customers comfortable and safe. That often requires a system to track client details like health conditions, injuries, and preferences.

Given the current COVID-19 landscape, your business may be required to track the vaccination status of your clients. With our new vaccine verification feature, your team won’t need to repeatedly check documentation when a client returns for a class or service.

Here’s how it works in Mindbody:

Step 1: Once logged into your software, access Manager Tools and locate the General Setup & Options page.

Manager Tools screen in Mindbody software

Step 2: Go to the Client Management section and enable Vaccine Verification.

Client Management drop-down screen in Mindbody
Vaccine verification feature enabled

Step 3: Once a client has been verified, check the box in the Alerts section of their Client Info page.

Vaccine verified in Mindbody

Once checked, a green checkmark icon will show next to Alerts in Client Info and by their name on the class sign-in page for easy reference.

Class sign screen with vaccine verification checkmark next to name

These are truly uncharted waters. It's important to lean on all the resources available to move forward, both for your business and community.

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