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How to Use Progress Tracking to Increase Retention and Motivate Clients

By Mindbody

October 3, 2023

When it comes to tracking the progress of your individual clients, it’s easy to feel lost. From manually writing down every stage of each client’s progression to keeping attendance, tracking it all can easily become a tedious and time-sucking task no matter what your business is. Mindbody offers a smoother progress tracking experience that suits the unique needs of dance studios, dojos, and any other program that's built on student advancement.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 clients, this progress tracking tool scales with you. You can fuel business growth while streamlining and organizing the tracking process end-to-end. This allows your staff more focus on each client and gives your customers the motivation to reach their next milestone.

Streamlining the staff experience

Progress tracking is now fully integrated with Mindbody, eliminating the need for pen and paper tracking (or that clunky, complicated Excel sheet). Now you can easily stay up to date on your clients’ progress without rummaging through binders or tabs full of tracking information. This new feature enables you and your staff to build dynamic programs that help you:

  • Create progress tracking programs and associate milestones with a program
  • Set milestone parameters like requiring a specific number of class visits and designating which classes count towards attendance
  • Adjust a student’s rank and promotion criteria as needed 
  • Allow clients to view their rank and upcoming requirements in your business’s branded app

Are you bringing in clients who already have experience? All the information within the progress tracker is easily editable, allowing you to manually manage attendance and milestones for each incoming client. 

An enhanced customer experience

Helping clients track their progress not only encourages them to stick with your business, but it also helps them reach their personal goals. Once you’ve built your progress tracking program, your clients can use your branded app to track their rank and milestones. The built-in attendance tracking also counts how many and which types of classes they’ve taken and tells them how many more they need to reach their next milestone.

With end-to-end customization and a client-facing interface for your branded app, progress tracking means a better experience for your students (and saved time for your staff). Set milestones, track attendance, and encourage your clients each step of the way with a program tailored to fit your business.

Learn how Mindbody helps business owners like you work smarter, not harder.

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