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A Staffing Template for Your Salon

A staffing template for your salon


A Staffing Template for Your Salon

When growing your business is the goal, recruiting a great team of stylists and employees is key.

Download our free Salon Employee Handbook, as well as our accompanying guide, to start growing your beauty salon staff. Inside, we’ve included the following to help you plan to recruit for your salon:

  • Example job descriptions for a hiring post

  • Potential interview questions for applicants

  • Onboarding checklists

  • Termination checklists and more

This employee handbook template, specifically for hair and beauty salon owners, will make the process of hiring and onboarding new staff as well as managing your existing team of stylists and employees a bit easier by providing you with an actionable outline.

You'll also learn how to: 

  • Determine core values that guide your salon and staff

  • Host insightful interviews with potential employees, including front desk staff, stylists, managers, and others

  • Send offer letters once you've determined you want to hire a candidate

  • Create training processes for all new hires

  • Put together employee policies that outline commission rates for commission-based employees, no-show policies, day-to-day responsibilities, etc.

  • Hiring and managing a commission-based stylist employee

A staffing template for your salon


A Staffing Template for Your Salon
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