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How to Create a More Inclusive Fitness Business

How to create a more inclusive fitness business guide


How to Create a More Inclusive Fitness Business

Whether you own a small fitness studio or a large fitness franchise, you have the opportunity—and responsibility—of creating a welcoming environment for all, regardless of experience, race, identity, ability, or anything else. 

As a business owner and a leader in this industry, you also have the responsibility of prioritising diversity and inclusion in your hiring and training practices. Doing so benefits your team, clients, and the broader community. 

Socially diverse groups are harder working and more innovative. Inclusion can even benefit your bottom line

Letting Mindbody customers lead the way, here are some suggestions to foster inclusion and improve the diversity of your studio or gym.  

Download this guide for specific strategies to expand both the fitness services and brand messaging at your gym or studio, creating a more inclusive environment. 

We've included various ways to make your fitness facility more inclusive to attract and make all customers comfortable, including:

  • Welcoming everyone, by demonstrating that representation in hiring matters to your business, investing in continued diversity and inclusion education, and more
  • All cultures, by hiring bi-or multilingual staff members, offering materials in languages other than English, updating the music you play in your studio or gym to be more culturally inclusive, and more
  • The LGBTQIA+ community, by avoiding gender-focused amenities in your facility and language and investing in continued education for each trainer and instructor
  • Individuals who are differently-abled, by hiring individuals with a specialised certification(s), having assistive equipment on hand, creating exercise programming for unique physical and/or mental needs, and more
  • Those impacted by trauma, by empowering them with various options and again, educating your team about their potential needs
  • Military and veterans, by offering discounts and giving back to organisations that support vets
  • Older adults, by providing discounts, dedicated gym hours, modified group exercise offerings, and more
  • Families, by adding express classes to your schedule, on-site childcare for clients, and more
  • Beginners, by providing walking groups or fitness workshops to help them as they get started
  • Students, by offering workout discounts and/or partnering with the schools they attend to champion health and wellness. 

We'll also offer ideas to increase diversity in your marketing efforts (including social media and on your website) and further your efforts. 

Whether it's openly sharing your dedication to diversity and inclusion, creating modified classes/programs, making updates to your physical space, or marketing special offers or discounts, there are many ways your fitness business can provide a more inclusive and supportive environment.

And if you haven't focused on inclusion in your space before, now is the perfect time to start. 

How to create a more inclusive fitness business guide


How to Create a More Inclusive Fitness Business
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