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COVID-19 Resources

We're in this together

Here you'll find supportive blog posts and articles about how to manage this evolving landscape. You can also join virtual meetups with other wellness business owners to get advice and feel connected. Community is everything, especially now.

Our families, our businesses, and our society are all facing fear and uncertainty. What we can be sure of is that in this amazing wellness community we’ve built together, we need each other more than ever. And we’re here for you.

Mindbody Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Rick Stollmeyer

A message from our co-founder

Read the blog post addressed to our community from Mindbody co-founder and Executive Chairman Rick Stollmeyer.

Mindbody Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Rick Stollmeyer

Support from your community

Join Mindbody One and be part of virtual meetups among business owners like you to get advice and share experiences.

Mindbody virtual meetups

Mindbody One is here for you

Connection is more important now than ever. The Mindbody One community wants to help you find other business owners experiencing the same challenges that you are. Ask questions, share feelings, and get advice from people who truly understand.

Mindbody virtual meetups