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Want to Market Your Salon or Spa to Brides? Try These 5 Tips

By Denise Prichard

September 1, 2023

You have a highly-regarded salon or spa with a healthy client base, but you know that connecting with new customers is the best way to help your business grow. So, it only makes sense that the more customers you connect with, the more successful your salon or spa will be. With wedding season in full swing, it’s a solid strategy to cast a wider net and make your business the local hotspot for brides-to-be. Posting flyers and placing pamphlets around your location is a great idea, but there are plenty of other stress-free, cost-efficient methods your business can explore to help bring in more brides during this lucrative season.

Here are five simple tips that will help you market your salon or spa to brides:

1. Start spreading the word about your salon or spa and offer referral rewards.

In the salon and spa business, you spend so many countless hours chatting with your clients that you often feel like you’re talking to a close friend rather than providing a beauty or wellness service. This aspect presents you with the perfect opportunity to generate more business. Maybe your client has a friend who is getting married and needs a wedding hairstylist… or maybe she knows a bride that is in need of some serious rest and relaxation at your spa. Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be super stressful, and a trip to your spa can offer a bride the opportunity to treat herself to a “me” day. Tell all of your clients about the bridal services you offer, and keep in mind that you are telling them this as a friend willing to help, rather than as a business owner. Let your clients know that you’ll offer them a referral reward if someone they know ends up booking you for their special day.

2. Keep your eyes peeled for bridal shows.

Throughout the spring, summer and early fall, you’ll find a number of indoor and outdoor bridal shows popping up. By setting up a booth, you are sure to attract the attention of some new brides. These shows are an excellent way to get your name out there and show what you can do! Remember to have a sign-in sheet available to collect names and contact information. Also, consider giving any bride on your list who ends up booking with you a discount on services. It’s a win-win for you and your brides-to-be.

3. Utilize social media to reach local brides-to-be.

If you don’t already have an established social media presence, you’re at a disadvantage, especially in the bridal business. In fact, according to a recent Forbes poll, 69% of businesses generate a loyal fan base via social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are actually among the first places a bride goes to seek information about services. If a local bridal service is tagged, it’s highly likely she will check out its social media page or website. Having a strong social media presence is not just for marketing directly to brides; posting before-and-after photos and allowing your current customers to leave reviews about your salon or spa will encourage brides to check out your business for your bridal services.

4. Partner up with like-minded businesses.

Today, local businesses supporting each other can be your ticket to success. Partnering up and cross-promoting with other bridal service businesses like wedding planners, florists, make-up artists, nail salons, photographers, caterers and wedding venues can be a really smart move. Brides-to-be are always asking vendors for recommendations for other services they need, so be the one they suggest! Leave your business cards, flyers and pamphlets at their shop or office, and offer to do the same at your location!

5. Stay in touch with your bridal customers.

So, wedding season has come and gone and you’ve raked in more business this year than ever! You pampered your brides and provided them with an amazing experience. Maybe they have even left you positive reviews about your services on Facebook, Google or Yelp. But guess what? Your work is not quite finished yet. You have an opportunity to turn these brides into forever clients. You should send all of your new bridal clients a thank-you note. Along with thanking them for their business, remind them of the other services you provide and offer an incentive to come back. They may just end up becoming regular clients!

All in all, you can see that these methods don’t take up a lot of time or money and are a stress-free way to switch up your usual marketing efforts. Even going the old-school route and placing a couple of print ads in local publications can bring in the brides—especially if their friends and family are helping them plan their special day. Showcase your salon or spa business any way you can, and just watch the brides gravitate toward your local spot.

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About the author:

Denise Prichard

Manager, Marketing Content and Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200)


Denise Prichard is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy within the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes, pedaling her heart out at a spin class, or hanging out with her rescue pups. She currently serves as the marketing content manager for Mindbody.


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