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How to Intro an Offer They Can't Refuse

By Mindbody

Imagine if every first date ended in a marriage proposal only 10 minutes in. Before the appetizer arrives and as the small talk begins—boom. It’s settled. Committed for life.

I know what you’re probably thinking: whoa, girl…slow your roll. People need to get to know each other first, make sure they’re compatible, swap middle names, uncover awful habits, yada yada. And you’re absolutely right—at least for that marriage to have a chance at lasting longer than my morning bagel.

So why should it be any different for your business?

People have a lot of choices when it comes to how to spend their money, and asking them to commit to your business right away is like asking your first date to confirm they’ll join you in car seat shopping.

This is where intro offers come in. Implementing a well-crafted offer attracts new clients through your door and increases the chances they’ll stick around. Let’s get into the details of what makes a great intro offer.

Take advantage of Promoted Intro Offers

Introductory offers are always a great way to give a hesitant, potential customer the extra nudge to commit, especially when promoted in the Mindbody app. Promoting your intro offers can help your business attract new clients by displaying your offers in the “Intro Deals” section of the Mindbody app home screen to advertise your special packages to new customers and turn them into loyal clients.

Here’s how it works:

Any new or existing pricing options that you sell online and mark as an introductory offer will be promoted and featured front and center on the app at the top of the screen. The best parts about Promoted Intro Offers are that it’s easy and free to opt-in—you’ll only pay if a client books a class at your business. The fees are performance-based, which means it will cost you nothing if it doesn't produce results.

Here’s how to get started:

To start promoting your intro offers, be sure to opt into "Promoted Intro Offers" through the Marketing screen in your fitness software. To learn more about how to get started with Mindbody Promote, here’s a support article where you can find more information.

Encourage repeat visits.

You shouldn’t expect a new customer to immediately commit to your business after just one visit. The whole point is to let them see what life would be like with you in it, so creating an intro offer with unlimited classes or sessions will help create a habit—which will make them more likely to commit (and purchase) in the end.

Set an expiration date.

Intro offers are all about momentum. The more time people have to sit and wait on it, the more they may forget and the less chance you have of ever seeing them come in. Set your offer to expire 30 days from the purchase date for classes and sessions, or if your services have longer intervals between visits (such as salon or spa treatments) try three months after the purchase date.

Determine your price.

When it comes to classes, make sure your intro offer is priced lower than your drop-in rate. Otherwise, your new customer may be tempted to perpetually drop in without ever committing. Try offering the first month’s membership or pass at a discount of around 50%. For appointment-based businesses, try around 50% off your typical three-session pack.

How low should you go? It depends on your business, but offering free classes and sessions usually doesn’t attract paying customers who’d be willing to commit.

Define your terms.

Tell consumers upfront exactly what they’re purchasing including any terms, conditions, or restrictions. If someone feels you misled them or their expectations weren’t met, that can be a deal breaker—so lay it out clearly from the beginning. (You can easily do this in your price service notes or receipt notes.)

Always follow up.

Assign a staff member to be in charge of following up and set up a cadence for them to check in with each customer. Or, at the very least, pull a report of offers purchased and utilize the auto email feature to follow up. Show the customer from the beginning you value their time and feedback. Just like first dates, intro offers are a great way to get to know a bunch of people, but what’s even more exciting is the prospect of them building a lasting (and loving) relationship with your business. Don’t come on too strong, and don’t just ghost them after they’ve purchased. Make it meaningful, and it’ll surely last.

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