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Streamline Your Beauty or Wellness Business with Messenger[ai]

Digital preview of the Salon, Spa, and Wellness Business guide.


Streamline Your Beauty or Wellness Business with Messenger[ai]

These days, you and your staff may be more booked and busier than ever. As clients visit your business looking for refuge from the complications of daily life, you’re doing everything you can to provide them with the most relaxing part of their week.

Why not extend that feeling of ease and simplicity beyond the doors of your salon, spa, or wellness business? From booking to follow-ups, you can make every interaction with your business as easy and straightforward as answering a quick text.  

No more phone tag when trying to schedule appointments. No more unanswered questions or missed connections. How? With Messenger[ai]

Download our guide and see how Messenger[ai], Mindbody's AI receptionist, can simplify how you run your business while improving your clients’ experiences. Here are some of the benefits of integrating Messenger[ai] into your salon, spa, or wellness business: 

  • Missed a call? Messenger[ai] automatically follows up over text to answer questions, schedule an appointment, and much more.  
  • Open appointment times? Use Messenger[ai] to reach out to clients to see if they want to schedule a service.   
  • Client can't make an appointment? They can easily text Messenger[ai] to reschedule.   
  • Have revised business hours, service offerings, or pricing? Use Messenger[ai] to instantly send an update to multiple clients in a single click.  
  • And so much more!

Never let your clients see you sweat

Being busy can be a great thing— until it gets in the way of growing your business. Whether you’re in the middle of laminating brows to perfection or on the phone with a customer curious about your latest facial package promo, missing a phone call can happen. And you aren’t alone!

Businesses miss 25% of all calls1, half of which are during business hours—but an astounding 85% of people who call your business and don’t reach you will never call back.2 Yikes! Don’t let missed calls turn into missed opportunities. Let Mindbody’s Messenger[ai] automatically follow up with callers via text to help them out.

Pro tip: Showcase your text-enabled number clearly on your website and social media to encourage people to engage with your business in a simple, streamlined way. 

Messenger[ai] is your 24/7 front desk employee and booking best friend

No one wants to play phone tag, and customers view phone calls as an old-school form of communication—texting is most people’s preferred method of communication these days. Did you know that 89% of customers want to text your salon, spa, or wellness business?3 On top of that, clients spend more time chatting through messaging apps than they do on social media platforms when they’re on their phone.

Satisfy your clients’ desires to communicate effortlessly and on their terms by integrating Messenger[ai] into your business.

Missed a call?

Messenger[ai] automatically follows up with the caller over text to answer their questions, book them into a class or service, and much more.

Customer needs to reschedule a service?

They can easily text Messenger[ai] to change their appointment time.

Customer needs to reschedule a service?

They can easily text Messenger[ai] to change their appointment time.

Have revised business hours, class offerings, or pricing?

Provide instant updates by using Messenger[ai] to send a broadcast to multiple clients in a single click.

Want to build better relationships with clients?

Your staff can text clients directly— without using their personal number—to send reminders, get feedback, and form deeper customer connections.

5 ways to use AI to connect with clients between visits

  1. Check in before customers’ first appointments: Whether it’s their first visit to a salon or spa or the first time coming to your business or location, make them feel welcome before they even come in the door. Reach out to let clients know what to expect and answer questions they may have.
  2. Follow up with friendliness. Thank your clients for coming in and ask how their experience was. This is a great way to solicit feedback and help them set up their next appointment.
  3. Provide product info and recs. Does your biz sell merchandise? Let your customers know what you have in-store. Plus, send them reminders of products used in their most recent appointment and tips on how to use them at home.
  4. Send snapshots of exciting promos. Promote special events, new services, holiday specials, staff highlights, and more by texting clients images, PDFs, and docs.
  5. Keep things real and relaxed. Don’t stress out customers with message overload. Use this channel to add value while keeping things personalized, authentic, and fun. Don’t forget the GIFs and emojis to bring your brand voice to life!

Hack the hassle of converting new leads

You want to turn each client that steps foot into your salon, spa, or wellness business—or connects with you online or over the phone—into a loyal customer. With Messenger[ai], you can transform your sales process while freeing up your staff to flourish. How?

Right message, right time

Messenger[ai] lets you send automated, personalized follow-up texts to check in and stay in touch with each new visitor who checks out your business.

Personalized profiles

Get an at-a-glance view of your customers’ profiles while you chat with them. You can see what services they’ve booked in the past and any upcoming appointments they have. Plus, you can keep tabs on whether they’ve purchased a package or membership.

Smooth selling

Provide a frictionless buying experience that simplifies checking out for clients and staff. Instead of sending customers to your website to pay for purchases, you can request payments for appointments or memberships directly through text using Messenger[ai]’s seamless checkout.

Never miss a call— or customer—again

We see you: You’re booked and busy, balancing providing superior service to in-person clients while hustling to grow a loyal customer base.

Let Messenger[ai] simplify your to-do list with:


Respond to visitors 24/7 on your digital store front.

Sales Automation

Automatically sell packages and memberships over text.

Conversational Booking

Sync with your software for appointments.

Missed Call Text

Let AI handle phone calls while you’re away or busy.


Program AI to answer your business’s most asked questions.

Messenger[ai] ​​​​: Freedom and peace of mind let you focus on what matters.

See first-hand how Messenger[ai] can support your business.

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Digital preview of the Salon, Spa, and Wellness Business guide.


Streamline Your Beauty or Wellness Business with Messenger[ai]
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