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Step Up Your Texting Game

messenger[ai] playbook


Step Up Your Texting Game

The way you communicate with your fitness clients has changed (a lot!) in this post-COVID world. What hasn’t changed? People still want to feel seen, heard, welcomed, and appreciated at your fitness business.

If you’re teaching in-studio, as much as you might want to, you don’t have time to talk to every client. And with virtual offerings, students don’t have an opportunity to talk to you or your front desk staff before or after class.

Texting fills in those gaps by having the front desk message with clients to develop a relationship with your studio.

In a hybrid fitness world, it’s more important than ever before to stay connected to your clients—especially your virtual clients and members. Texting enables you to make personal connections and keep your community strong.

That's where Messenger[ai] comes into play.

Download our guide and see how Messenger[ai], Mindbody's AI receptionist, can make your clients feel seen and heard. Here are some of the benefits of integrating Messenger[ai] into your fitness business:

  • Missed a call? Messenger[ai] automatically follows up with the caller over text to answer their questions, book them into a class or service, and much more. 
  • Open spots in your classes? Use Messenger[ai] to reach out to clients to see if they want to come in.  
  • Client missing a class? They can easily text Messenger[ai] to reschedule.  
  • Want your members to bring friends? Make it easy for your clients to book a class for their friends and keep the referrals coming. 
  • Have revised business hours, class offerings, or pricing? Use Messenger[ai] to send a broadcast to multiple clients in a single click. Let your clients know instantly. 
  • ...and so much more! 
messenger[ai] playbook


Step Up Your Texting Game
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