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Stretch Asia and Mindbody: Stretching What’s Possible

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It’s fair to say that stretching and evolving is a way of life for business owners in general—and that’s certainly the case with Sylvie Boidron, owner of Stretch Asia.

Sylvie’s was the first stretch clinic in Asia, a business she founded an impressive 22 years ago. When we asked about the backstory that got her here, she shared this: “It started off as a bodywork clinic that I opened with my then partner, because he was a massage therapist and I have a business degree. So, it was very natural for us to get in business together—he was focusing on serving our clients, while I was focusing on setting up systems and turning a one-man-one-woman band into a business.”

The focus quickly took shape: Active Isolated Stretching. Clients loved the results they achieved in sessions, and it became the studio’s core competency. That’s how Sylvie proved the concept could be a success, and plenty of other business owners in Asia took notice. Today, you’ll find stretch clinics from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok.

Once the inventor, now the re-inventor

Of course, creating a market is much different from remaining competitive in one that’s interested in capitalising on your success. Creating connections that last with clients goes a long way. Sylvie says, “Everything we do focuses on the client—we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver a unique and uncompromising service.”

An exceptional client experience builds the kind of rapport that translates into recurring revenue. It’s also where Sylvie says Mindbody has been so helpful. “Part of what establishes trust between us and potential clients, or even existing clients,” she says, “are the systems that are in place. And I have received comments like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so impressed. The minute I book an appointment, I get an automatic email confirming it.’ It shows that we’re reliable.”

That’s the real power of Mindbody’s Marketing Suite, which includes those automatic emails. Connection is everything, and with Mindbody, Sylvie can send highly personalised messages via email or text. They’re triggered by moments that matter, like confirming a booking or reminding clients about an upcoming visit.

Marketing in a data-driven world

It goes deeper, too. Sylvie uses the data that’s readily available in Mindbody to craft win-back campaigns and convert first-time clients into regulars. Sylvie says, “We’ve been able to streamline some of our automatic emails with it and rekindle clients. Every single time we do that, it translates into more revenue, because when they come back through the door, we have an opportunity to serve them again and win them back.”

Sylvie has taken it a step further by using a Branded Mobile App, created by Mindbody. Her clients can interact with her business directly via an iPhone or Android app to book their appointments, make payments, check their schedule—all their most important interactions, really. It’s a new addition to her marketing mix, but as she explains, “It’s a convenient way for clients to manage their schedule, and those who use the app tend to have more regular sessions.”

In other words, it’s a great way for her most loyal clients to stay engaged and keep coming back.

Knowing what’s next

What to get the business owner who thinks of everything? A little clarity. The reporting capabilities in Mindbody help Sylvie do what she’s always done best: stay focused on the future. “It allows me to have a much closer eye on what’s happening,” she says. “Who are my clients? When they come, whether they buy memberships—there’s so much information I can get. [Reporting] gives me a way to follow my KPIs and draw information from the system.”

With Mindbody, tracking what matters is always happening—with every transaction, every booking, every payment, and so much more. And all that tracking takes the guesswork out of running a business. It makes the next step clear.

Still, even with all that knowledge at her fingertips, Sylvie also points to the value of new perspectives to help her learn and grow. She’s attended BOLD, Mindbody’s annual conference, and is also involved in Mindbody One, a community of Mindbody business owners. “Even though I’ve been in business for a long time, I still learned so much from the work sessions. And Mindbody One is also a fantastic community that I like to turn to. I like to read what other people are doing and seek advice and all that.”

Always room to stretch

Growing and weathering the changes that come with 22 years in business? That calls for creative solutions. Over the years, Stretch Asia has leaned into those creative solutions—and the technology that supports them—to continuously evolve and grow.


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