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Mindbody Customer Story

How One Two Boxing Goes the Distance with Mindbody

One Two Boxing and Mindbody

At its inception, Australia’s One Two Boxing had a clear and defined mission: maintain the authentic experience of the sport while removing the intimidation that keeps so many people from trying it. 

Co-founders Jimmy Messis and Josh Nesbitt opened their first location in Victoria and were met with overwhelming success. People quickly latched onto One Two’s take on the sport: a combination of traditional boxing and modern-day HIIT, coming together to give you the most efficient total-body workout you can experience. 

Their clientele grew at warped speed. The One Two team hosted a free day for their grand opening, intending to host four classes. Every class booked out within the hour, so they ended up adding six more classes that day. After that, their clientele grew so quickly that within one week of opening, they had over 600 bookings. And it’s in this rapid, widespread growth that Mindbody helped set up One Two for success.

Finding the right software

Mindbody wasn’t Messis and Nesbitt’s first choice. They’d tested out two other software options, spending months learning their very difficult interfaces. Even after getting a handle on them, One Two ran into too many limitations that got in the way of what they were trying to achieve. 

And, as they put it, at the 11th hour, they switched to Mindbody—and haven’t looked back since.

Mindbody: the total package

Switching to a third software, and needing to do it so quickly, meant that Messis and Nesbitt had to hustle. Mindbody support spent hours on the phone to ensure the smoothest transition possible, helping One Two implement all the necessary processes and solutions.

It was these phone calls and dedicated guidance that made it possible for One Two Boxing to not only pull off the switch but excel because of it. “For me, the support was just amazing,” Jimmy says.  Mindbody helped One Two focus on giving their customers an unforgettable experience on the eve of their grand opening, with hundreds of clients likely to show up. “[The Mindbody team] always gave us the confidence that we could push forward into our launch with 200 people coming on that day, to just know that everything was going to be okay. And that for us was comforting,” explains Jimmy.

Software + support: a powerful combo

Aside from the support, the software itself changed the way One Two manages its daily operations and growth. The marrying of our powerful platform and customer support made Mindbody the total package for Messis and Nesbit. 

They were interested in making sign-up contactless, meaning anyone who was interested could go to their site, browse classes, and simply sign up and show up. Combining strategic branding and marketing with the technology behind Mindbody, they were able to make this process smooth, seamless, and easy. “I think that's been massive for us, just how smooth it's been,” says Jimmy. 

They’re a big fan of Mindbody’s backend reporting as well as its front-of-house capabilities. One Two can more easily keep an eye on how classes are performing, what type of turnout they’re getting, and other important metrics that will help them make informed decisions and keep a finger on the pulse of their locations. 

Ultimately, One Two Boxing found a kindred spirit in Mindbody. They pride themselves in being a solution-based business—a quality they also see in us. Whenever they have a question, Mindbody has an answer. One Two’s mantra is in its name: “one two”—a boxing combo that’s designed for speed and simplicity. It’s how they run their business, and it’s this same speed and simplicity that they love about Mindbody, from our software to our customer support. “I mean, Mindbody is clearly the classiest, the cleanest program we've used, but it's just backed up by the staff. I think that's what makes you guys probably so easy to work with…because you got people who care. I think that's been a big thing for us.” 

Messis and Nesbitt know that they have a lot of work ahead to hit their goal of opening multiple locations around Australia. It might be happening faster than they thought possible, as their second location is well underway. Factor in their partnership with Mindbody, and the future is looking very bright. 

One Two Boxing found both the support and the software that they needed to elevate their brand. Ready to explore Mindbody further?

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