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How to Optimize Your Mindbody App Listing to Attract New Customers

How to Optimize Your Mindbody App Listing


How to Optimize Your Mindbody App Listing to Attract New Customers

The Mindbody app connects your business to millions of people looking for fitness, beauty, and wellness services. Customers can find, book, and pay for offerings like yours, wherever they are—all from the convenience of their phones. To get the most out of the Mindbody app, you’ll need to optimize your business listing. This checklist outlines everything you need to make yours stand out.

Get listed

First you’ll want to list your business on the Mindbody app.

  • Once logged into your software, go to Manager Tools, then Settings. Under Business Information, choose Let people find my business on the Mindbody app.

Add the details

Now that your business is listed, it’s time to optimize your business info. The more detail you include about the services and amenities you offer, the better.

  • Under Business Information, confirm your location phone number(s) and address(es) so customers know where to find you.
  • Outline any amenities you provide, including daycare, parking, showers, etc. This might sway a customer to your business versus a competitor.
  • While you’re updating your Business Information, upload up to 10 photos that show off your business. Make sure they’re high quality. These photos will be highly visible when you promote any intro offers and last-minute deals, so choose carefully!
  • Add very robust, keyword-rich business and location descriptions, too. Share who you are, how customers can find you, and what makes your business unique. This is, by far, one of the best ways to ensure your business is surfaced in search results.
  • Under Staff, add bios and photos for each staff member associated with a class, appointment, or enrollment. If a staff member isn’t on your schedule yet, it’s a good idea to add their details in just in case.
  • Under Services & Pricing, add descriptions for each class or service you provide, including virtual offerings. Be specific when describing your services and use keywords that apply (i.e., do you offer “yoga classes” or do you offer “Heated Vinyasa yoga classes”?). For virtual offerings, be sure to use the word “VIRTUAL” in all caps before the regular title of your class so it’s easy for anyone in the world to find it (i.e., “VIRTUAL HIIT”).

Create categories and subcategories

Customers can use categories to filter through services while browsing the Mindbody app.

  • Under Services & Pricing, select the appropriate category and subcategory for each class or appointment you offer. That way, customers can easily search and find your business faster.
  • Repeat this step for any enrollments, too.

Get the word out about your promos

Intro offers and last-minute deals provide even higher visibility in the Mindbody app. Don’t miss your chance to be seen—and booked—by prospective customers near you.

  • Promote your intro offer pricing options under Services and Pricing. They’ll show up first under categories, rather than simply being bookable under your business listing. Some customers say having more than one Intro Offer promoted in the app results in more purchases. Yes, please!
  • If your business is located in the US, opt in to Dynamic Pricing under Services and Pricing. These dynamically priced classes not only help fill open slots, they help customers find your listing easier. Customers see your “Last Minute Offers” on the home screen of the app—which they won’t be able to resist.


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How to Optimize Your Mindbody App Listing


How to Optimize Your Mindbody App Listing to Attract New Customers
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