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Are you in control of your brand?

Technology Made for Enterprise Brands 

By Mindbody

August 28, 2023

Mindbody has grown tremendously over the years, scaling into a versatile, robust software for enterprise brands around the globe. Leading wellness enterprises in over 150 countries trust Mindbody to help them manage and expand their operations.

Technology made specifically for the enterprise wellness brand

As an enterprise company, your needs and goals are unique, and you’ve set the bar high. We’re ready to help. Here’s how. 

Brand consistency and control

When it comes to multi-location management, having more structure is required. Our central management tools (more on those in a minute) help customers maintain the structure and consistency they need across their growing business. 

Consider these key questions: 

Brand control: How do I control what my franchisees are offering? 

Maybe you want to introduce new pricing and only make the change once so that it impacts multiple locations.  

Brand consistency: How can I ensure that my brand equity maintains consistency across all franchises/locations as I expand my business? 

If you’re a franchise owner, you might stay up at night wondering how to keep a firm grasp on all of your locations so you maintain a cohesive, consistent brand. Mindbody will give you a greater degree of control so you can manage what each franchisee is offering and ensure that it reflects your brand the way you want it to. 

Brand performance: How do I measure the performance of the brand? 

You likely want to collect and consolidate information from multiple locations from one place, from one person at once. With our central management tools and reporting insights and features, you can manage everything you need in one place at one time.

Unparalleled security and certifications

If you’re a brand with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations, you’re not in a position to take any risks when it comes to your security. 

Mindbody has a PCI Compliance Level 1 certification, which means we offer unbeatable protection for credit card and cardholder data. "PCI Level 1 fortifies Mindbody's position as a market leader in cybersecurity,” says Jason Loomis, Mindbody CISO. This is the highest, strictest, and most precise of the PCI DSS levels, and it means that the millions of transactions that we process each year are protected. “Our PCI certification is a valuable, independent affirmation, showing our dedication to investing in our customers’ privacy and security."

Central management tools

With Mindbody, you can consolidate the entirety of your data and insights from all of your locations in one place. 

One feature we’re especially proud of—and where we’re outpacing our competition—is franchise fees. Mindbody will help your corporate staff automate and calculate what your franchise fees are, eventually transferring that revenue. We’ve found that this saves our enterprise customers  20-25% of their time, allowing them to focus on more valuable business operations. 

Mindbody makes it easy to offer various pricing options at your locations, set up recurring/automatic payments, and manage contracts for all of your new customers.

Integrated lead management

Tracking consumer relationships over time is vital to turning cold leads into loyal customers. Mindbody’s integrated lead management system tracks and monitors your contacts through the entire lifecycle, from discovery to a paid membership. With just a few clicks, locations across your brand will know where a lead or customer stands and will thus be able to determine the next best steps.

Dedicated strategic account support for your team

We’re committed to long-term relationships with our enterprise customers.  You’ll have a dedicated strategic account team to support you throughout the entire process. 

When you work with Mindbody, you’ll receive onboarding support, where we’ll help train your team on our software. You’ll also have access to our technical support team whenever you need additional guidance. 

You’ll receive strategic account support, a dedicated, day-to-day point of contact for anything you need. On top of that, you’ll have access to custom workshops and events. 

Additionally, we encourage you to give us feedback on your experience, because we use this directly to inform our product designs.

85% of customers who call your locations and don’t reach someone won’t call back.

How much revenue are you missing out on? Location staff already have their hands full focusing on customers, which is exactly where you want them to be. Meanwhile, who’s manning the phones? And how many new opportunities are missed?  

Mindbody’s 24/7 AI front desk turns missed calls into sales and bookings, automatically answers questions, immediately texts a client after a missed call, and chats with people on Facebook—without you lifting a finger. 

Messenger AI also follows up with customers after their visit to book their next appointment, sends quick announcements, and streamlines communication. 

Best yet, all of this communication is tracked in one unified dashboard and app, with task-tracking capabilities.

The Mindbody Business app

Even when you’re away from your desk, you still have the power to monitor and manage your enterprise brand right in the palm of your hand. 

Our app supports you whether you want to accept payments, track a client’s history, check up on revenue, view reports, or analyse trends in your sales numbers. 

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