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Mindbody software May product release notes

May 2024 Product Release Notes

By Mindbody Product Team

May 31, 2024

Our latest product updates are here! We’re excited to share more on how we’ve improved our branded web appointment widgets, navigation, dispute management, and more. Take a look to see what latest changes are in store.

Branded web: Modernize your client experience with the improved appointment widget

For Mindbody users in all regions 

The branded web appointment widget now features a faster, clearer booking process. Details like service type, provider, and time/date selection are broken down into three easy steps, offering detailed information to help clients book confidently. To add it to your site, just create a new widget from your branded web manager dashboard. After customizing, press “save & deploy”, then copy your new code onto your website in place of your old code.

Plus, clients in the Netherlands can now use the iDeal payment method when booking your services on branded web.

Mindbody navigation: Delegate to-dos with the My Task feature

Man on computer using my task feature in Mindbody software

For new Mindbody navigation users in all regions 

Elevate your team's productivity with the “My Task” feature. Quickly create, assign, manage, and track tasks with ease to stay on top of daily operations and streamline your workflow.

Dispute management: Efficiently resolve client disputes

Dispute management dashboard in Mindbody software

For Mindbody Payments users in all regions 

With the new dispute management tool in your payments portal, you have access to view and filter in-depth claim information. Check for status updates and view transaction details to resolve client disputes efficiently, right in one place.

Mindbody app & web: Get better results with optimized search logic & gender preference settings

Women in fitness class using optimized search in Mindbody software

For Mindbody users in all regions 

We've upgraded the search capabilities on the Mindbody app and website to surface more relevant and accurate results for consumers. Now, our improved logic not only edits typos—like correcting "yogaaa" to "yoga"—but it also auto-suggests business names as consumers type. This will help clients quickly discover your business listing. More search enhancements and UI upgrades are coming soon to create a seamless connection between your business and potential clients.

We’ve also refined the gender preference settings within the core software. This allows your clients to select their preferred gender when booking services, such as massages, ensuring a more customized and comfortable experience. Note: Please activate the "Use gender preferences" option in your manager tools to enable this customization for your clients.

The latest bug fixes

  • BUG-9780: [Mindbody.Shuttle.UI] Missing billing information client alert overlay not covering header and nav bar  
  • BUG-9760: [Strategic Account] [New Mindbody Experience] [Business App] [Mobile Browser] Owner cannot login to mobile browser or Business App gets message "Email already in use"  
  • BUG-16124: [Mindbody] Waitlist notification intermittently not sending  
  • BUG-16287: Client search bar results in message “You were gone for a little bit, please log out and sign back in” 
  • BUG-11007: [Marketing Suite] Marking a large number of client emails as invalid email  
  • BUG-16316: [Live Stream] Email containing live stream Link not sending  
  • BUG-8878: New version of membership report doesn't load / error message 'the report isn't working'  
  • BUG-16689: [Strategic Account] [Core][Messaging] Unable to assign number to SMS package  
  • BUG-4753: Unable to book in multi-capacity appointment when space is available  
  • BUG-13655: [NMBE] [Marketing Suite] Initial sync is not syncing  
  • BUG-9073: [TransIT] Return sale shows successful in software, declines in transit  
  • BUG-11877: Waitlist notification did not send to specific clients—investigation and implement fix  
  • BUG-15215: [Mindbody Core] [Network Fee Report] Pricing option not marked as an intro offer is showing in the promoted intro offer section of report  
  • BUG-11695: [Marketing Suite] Automation delayed in sending  
  • BUG-13999: [Mindbody Core] When generating the new membership report the number summary and detail views are given different number 
  • BUG-15237: [AffiliateAPI] Site who is opted out is still appearing under reserve with Google  
  • BUG-11334: [Marketing Suite] " refused to connect" error when going to manage contacts or manage campaigns  
  • BUG-14789: [Marketing] Campaign stuck in sending status 
  • BUG-16126: [Retail POS] New retail product search, some product variants are not searchable and results per page are inconsistent  
  • BUG-11171: [New Mindbody Experience] [Profile] [Basic Info] Phone numbers sometimes incorrectly shown as international  
  • BUG-13270: [MBP] Owner/staff member with access to payments portal loses the access when changing the email address  
  • BUG-14322: [V2] Freelancers unavailable for tip as a line item  
  • BUG-15457: [Strategic Account] [Marketing Suite] Owners and admins not receiving alert and digest email notifications  
  • BUG-11147: [Strategic Account] [Marketing Suite] Campaign did not send to static list  
  • BUG-14403: [Business App] [Android and iOS] Attempting to pull up Mindbody Site from Business App results in error/tiny site  
  • BUG-16944: [Core] Unable to advance register clients into class due to sad robot error  
  • BUG-4164: Updating in store price after clicking the pricing option on the pricing tab does not update the online price  
  • BUG-11480: [Marketing Suite] Campaign not sent to some clients, but says sent in email history marketing report but does not show as sent in Sendgrid  
  • BUG-12816: [Strategic Account] Auto email SMS notifications not sending appointment confirmations  
  • BUG-15596: [Marketing Suite] Owner unable to access the Marketing Suite 

Want to know more about what other updates are in the works? Head to our What's Next blog to learn more about product releases on the horizon.

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