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How to Use ClassPass to Attract New Clients

By Catalina Zbar

August 14, 2023

Have you tried out ClassPass as a consumer but questioned the benefits for your fitness or yoga studio? Now that Mindbody has acquired ClassPass, many studio owners are wondering if they want to participate in the platform. Before you decide, we think it’s important to recognise the true purpose of ClassPass—enabling studios to reach a broader audience of potential new clients. In fact, several case studies of ClassPass-affiliated studios showed monthly revenue growth of more than 10%.

Ears perked? Read on to learn more about how ClassPass can help you reach new audiences and increase your revenue in the process.

Discovering new clients that are looking for you

Wellness-loving potential clients are already using ClassPass. Instead of googling “studios near me” or even relying on word-of-mouth, they turn to their ClassPass membership to sample and find the best studios in the area. Bonnie Bell, the owner of Missoula, Montana-based The Sweat Shop says, “ClassPass provided a unique opportunity to gain mass fitness exposure within the community. Where else can you target such a specific clientele that is already looking for what your business provides?”

Typically, acquiring a new client relies on two things: convincing a prospect to take a class and selling them on taking it at your studio. ClassPass takes one of these off your plate by giving studios access to clients who are already wellness fans (or wish to be). Instead of having to sell them on the benefits of say, yoga or pilates, your focus is on showcasing your business. This sell is much easier, because when it comes to your business, you’re the expert, and you can be confident that you’re offering the best product/service in your area.

Reaching new clients, full stop

In addition to reaching a primed audience, ClassPass provides studios the opportunity to make their offerings more accessible to customers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. This approach addresses inclusivity and acts as a lead magnet for clients who appreciate studios that act on their values. Win-win.

From strangers to regulars

Some clients like the idea of taking a few classes at a variety of studios throughout the month, but most ClassPass attendees want to make one or two wellness spaces their regular go-tos. So why not make your business their home away from home? How can you create a welcoming environment for these new clients that also convinces them to continue to practice/workout at your studio as part of their regular fitness routine? This is where you want to make sure you have really solid operating procedures—especially in terms of how your staff and front desk relate to new clients. Make sure you’re complementing in-person touchpoints with a strong email/text campaign that will nurture new clients, showcase classes, and offer an easy way to reach out with questions.

ClassPass allows you to attract new audiences to your studio and provides you with the opportunity to make them regulars.   

Extra insight

The ClassPass reporting platform allows you to see which classes are most popular and read reviews of teachers and classes at your studio. These insights enable you, as an owner or studio manager, to explore ideas to improve and capitalise on class styles and offerings and adapt as necessary. SmartSpot, ClassPass’ automated spot management technology, allows a studio to strategically allocate unused spots on the platform to earn more money per class. Multiple studio owners report that this feature alone is the reason they use ClassPass—they can spend more time engaging with their clients instead of worrying about empty spaces.

ClassPass is one of the most comprehensive fitness aggregators on the market. When used strategically, it can enable studio owners to maximise their visibility on the platform without watering down their offerings or pricing. Ultimately, ClassPass is a marketing tool that can deliver interested and engaged fitness enthusiasts to your door. Your task is to convert them to regulars.  

Want to see how ClassPass can help your business?

Visit ClassPass

About the author:

catalina zbar headshot

Catalina Zbar

Mindbody-Certified Business Consultant

Founder, Telomere Consulting

Catalina (she/her) is the founder of Telomere Consulting, a specialty consulting and marketing firm that serves boutique fitness studios around the world. Telomere functions as a one-stop shop for studios in such industries as yoga, pilates, barre, Bootcamp, HIIT, spin, fencing, martial arts, and more.


With a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry, Catalina and her team marry data-driven business assessment with forward-thinking, innovative marketing to help clients position themselves as leaders in their industries. 


Telomere’s services focus on client acquisition and retention, pricing, sales, the creation of new revenue streams, and profitability. Their signature services include business consulting, email and text marketing, social media management, and social media ads.

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