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Mindbody's newest partnership is bringing you what you need most—speed and reliability

Faster. Stronger. Safer. We’ve Moved to the Cloud to Make Your Experience Better.

By Sunil Rajasekar

May 2, 2022

We were the first to bring wellness software to the cloud. Now we’ve taken the next big step forward, migrating our own systems and servers to the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform—Amazon Web Services (AWS)—for the improved reliability, speed of innovation, and world-class security it will bring our customers. Now that the migration is complete, we want to tell you more about AWS. They will be a vital partner in our shared future.

Improved reliability and performance

Since moving our services into the cloud, we are seeing up to 30% improvements to our response times, and that’s just the start. The thousands of wellness businesses that partner with Mindbody need 24/7 availability of our products and services. It’s critical that we provide industry-leading reliability. The cloud lets us further invest in creating the most stable platform possible, with automatic healing and recovery events helping us rebound as quickly as possible from any future incidents.

Seamless scalability

AWS also allows us to commit to a much more scalable and flexible experience. We’ve always valued having the right tools and technology for the job. In the cloud, technology keeps pace with even the most aggressive growth so we can expand with you—wherever you go. With AWS’s auto-scaling capabilities and global availability, international growth can happen seamlessly.

Faster innovation and delivery

Another key benefit is speed—with the latest technologies at our fingertips, experimentation and discovery is easier. Our teams can move more quickly to bring you new tools. Like Mindbody, AWS values innovation, helping businesses transform through entirely new technologies. The future is now—serverless computing spaces, machine learning, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things—and we’re excited to use this technology to give you faster delivery times for our product improvements. What used to take weeks can sometimes be done in minutes with the automation and tooling we’ve implemented in the AWS cloud. 

World-class security

AWS is the most broadly adopted cloud platform for good reason. Millions of businesses rely on AWS’s cutting-edge security—from startups to huge enterprises and government agencies. Built to be the most flexible cloud computing environment available, AWS offers top-of-the-line security, the kind required by the military and global banks. We consider your data and your clients’ data just as important as these highly sensitive organizations. 

We’re eager to begin enjoying the benefits of this vital migration. As your partner, we’re proud to have AWS by our side, making our services—and yours—that much better.

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About the author:

Sunil Rajasekar headshot

Sunil Rajasekar

Former President & Chief Technology Officer


With more than 20 years of consumer and enterprise experience, Sunil's work as Mindbody’s chief technology officer and president focused on the company’s product and technology strategy, consumer marketplace expansion, and platform development. Previously, Sunil served as vice president and general manager at e-commerce giant eBay, leading engineering and product management for the seller experience. He has also served as chief technology officer for Lithium Technologies and as vice president of engineering, product management and operations at Intuit. He holds an MBA from the University of Toledo.


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