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A Consultative Approach for Long-term Success 

By Mindbody

Mindbody is more than just software. We’re your strategic partner. Several years ago, we realised that our Strategic Account customers needed a different type of support, one that was focused on their value and growth needs. This was the catalyst for launching our professional services team. 

Corporate entities with dozens or hundreds of locations sometimes spanning the globe need a unique type of service. That heightens the amount of attention and level of sophistication for solution providers.  With that in mind, we built our professional services team, so that every Mindbody Strategic Account customer has their own designated strategic account manager. 

It doesn’t matter whether your business is part of the fitness, spa, or salon industries. You’ll have a dedicated support team that brings you onboard with Mindbody. “We provide a curated, special set of implementation services for our largest new customers,” says Michael Otjen, Mindbody’s Sr. Director of Professional Services and Implementation.

Customer Support Redefined

Our team provides customers with the utmost care and support. That’s why when our Strategic Account customers reach out, they know they have an ally. Our team is seasoned in providing a customer-first approach. Some of our senior technical advisors have been with Mindbody for 10 years. They’ve seen, done, and heard it all, and they’ve got an incredibly deep technical knowledge of not only our software but how to implement it to help elevate our customers’ businesses. 

This is how our support team differs from those of our competitors. We’re not just fixing bugs. We’re your consultants, experts, specialists. You name it, we can handle it. As consultants, we eliminate the need for hiring and training someone new on your team. By taking a consultative approach to intimately understanding your business goals and needs, you don’t need to hire and train someone else as part of your staff. Working together, we’ll develop the strategy you need to leverage Mindbody to its fullest potential for your business. The goal is to make it easier for you to manage your brand, which ultimately means a better experience for your customers.  

We spoke to a few current Mindbody customers to better learn their experience, like working with our professional services team.


Barre3 offers a full-body workout that blends strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. Their motto? “Balanced in body, empowered from within.” The life-changing service they deliver—combined with their loyal and supportive community—makes them stand out in the crowd. 

What has impressed them most was the consistency and customization of their Mindbody support. Working with us means standing weekly meetings and additional meetings whenever needed. Whether it’s a question or a new project, they know that we’re only a call or email away. Collaboration has been the name of the game, and our professional services experts have advised Barre3 through its growth and evolution. 

In particular, Barre3 has heavily leaned on Mindbody for operational and administrative aspects, like booking and scheduling, adding pricing options, and managing and interpreting reports. It was all about “being able to operationalize some of our business ideas,” says Stephanie Rubenstein, director of franchise operations at Barre3. It’s helped them run their businesses far more efficiently. “We as a franchisor take a look at system-wide trends and performance.” 

During the pandemic, Barre3 needed our professional services and support team more than ever. The shift from teaching in-person classes to live streaming them needed to happen quickly, without the experience suffering for their clients. In working with Mindbody, Barre3 didn’t miss much of a beat.  

So, what’s been the best part of our relationship for the team at Barre3? “The gift of time,” Stephanie says. Because they’re able to offload so much of the heavy lifting on us, franchisees are able to focus on other avenues, like delivering amazing classes day after day.


iWAX proudly offers Florida residents facial and waxing services. Ask them how we’ve had the biggest impact on them, and the answer is clear: memberships. “Memberships are a huge chunk of our total service revenue nowadays,” says Dillion Blocker, director of information systems at iWax. 

This past year, when they kicked off their membership option for customers, they quickly knew it was going to be game-changing. And memberships continue to be a huge source of revenue.  

iWAX was thrilled to see how working with our team could drastically increase their revenue, and they realized it would benefit them to switch from V1 to V2 of our point-of-sale system. But they had a concern we’ve heard before: that switching to a new version was going to be a serious headache. They were especially concerned about moving all their (at the time, new) memberships and data over, and losing some of it in the process. 

They didn’t lose a single bit of data. Working with our support team, they saw a 100% efficacy rate. All their members’ payments continued on time, as expected. As iWAX explains it, we turned an extensive responsibility into an occasional 30-minute call. 

Furthermore, they were making this transition during the pandemic. Instead of switching to the new version causing yet another headache, it had the opposite effect: “Part of this V2 movement was all of the new integrations that it works with and all the different technology we can use now. It made it so much simpler for our business to continue despite the challenge,” Dillion says. 

iWAX found it particularly helpful that the support they received from Mindbody was proactive, not reactive. While we’re there for every “uh-oh” moment they have, we’ve also prioritized forecasting any issues they may encounter and stopping them before they even happen. 

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