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The Big 3: What Do Enterprise Brands Need From Their Tech Partners?

By Mindbody

October 3, 2023

As the proven leader in wellness technology, we see enterprise strategy evolving every day. The top boutique brands achieve consistent, repeatable, scalable results. How? They choose partners with demonstrated experience with some of the biggest brands in the industry, plus the drive to constantly innovate to stay ahead of their needs as they grow. Here are the three top indicators of big business success.

Mastering complex multi-location management

Enterprise businesses have multiple locations with different priorities, all sharing one goal—consistency. They need centralised brand controls that make it easier to manage everything from one place.

Mindbody corporate dashboards allow changes to each location (or all of them) more easily. It’s all about saving admin time to focus on growing the brand and increasing revenue.

  • Control access to sensitive data for the right amount of transparency
  • Create a consistent brand experience at every location
  • Collect franchise fees and royalties—easily and automatically

With a million moving parts, efficient management of a multi-location brand is the foundation of enterprise success.

Making strategic, data-driven decisions

Business intelligence analytics are only effective when they’re both powerful and user friendly, and when they save time and money.  

Mindbody's detailed dashboards track the metrics big businesses need to make data-driven decisions. And we keep all that data safe with Soc2, PCI, and HIPAA-compliant security.

  • Run reports at the corporate, territory, or location level
  • Customise and personalise corporate dashboards for the most efficient workflows

The value of being able to quickly pull information is obvious, but the value in keeping certain searches at the forefront of the day-to-day is often overlooked. This real-time access to the most important metrics makes tools like Insights so powerful, and customisable corporate dashboards so indispensable.

Taking control of the 360° consumer experience

The experience is everything. Each consistent, positive, engaging, and easy contact with a brand strengthens customer loyalty. Our technology supports enterprise businesses every step of the way—lead capture to customer engagement to retention.

"Mindbody has helped our brand gain a deeper connection to our clients. They have been a catalyst for our company to thrive in the wellness industry." -Annemarie Rice, WundaBar Pilates

These tools (and more) offer control over the full 360 experience to keep customers coming back for more.

  • Smarten up the front desk: Let Messenger[ai] respond to missed calls and capture sales and bookings that would otherwise be lost.
  • Integrate and automate outreach: Campaigns and communication from Marketing Suite use dynamic smart lists to do away with messy spreadsheet exports, and Lead Management nurtures new faces down funnel.
  • Join the global marketplace: The Mindbody app attracts new clients in the largest wellness marketplace in the world. Listing in the Partner Network further expands their reach.
  • Drive brand loyalty: Keep it consistent with a custom branded mobile app and embedded web widgets.

Need more? Access our API or browse the Partner Store for more products and services that complement our software. It’s all about generating our customers more revenue with an easy experience from the moment someone hears their name.

"The Mindbody team understands what it takes to run a successful business. Their insight and analytics are priceless." - Kristin Kidd, VP of Operation, The Lash Lounge

We go way beyond software, shaping the future of wellness with our enterprise partnerships. Doesn’t your brand deserve the best?

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