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The Best of BOLD 2021

By Jay Greene

December 5, 2022

While BOLD looked different this year and we missed so many of our customers who were not able to attend, it was absolutely one for the books. This years event featured amazing speakers, awe-inspiring performances, and more news, education, and fun than we can hope to fit in this post.

We want to share with you some of the most important moments from the wellness industry’s biggest event.

An unforgettable opening—an unstoppable community

We kick off BOLD with a message of gratitude, celebrating the unstoppable grit and passion of our amazing community of fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses.

A look into the future: the new Mindbody experience

We’re reimagining Mindbody to help you create the most meaningful client experiences possible. Learn what’s on the roadmap and how your input can help shape the discussion.

Product Spotlight: What’s hot, what’s coming—and what’s possible

Mindbody President & CTO Sunil Rajasekar delivers a product spotlight with some truly jaw-dropping announcements.

Less phone tag, more revenue, and better client connections? It’s AI to the rescue.

Mindbody’s Messenger[ai] empowers businesses of all sizes—freeing staff to focus on the customers in front of them. Here’s a look at how customers are using AI in their businesses.

The business of wellness in a post-Covid world

It’s a whole new world out there for wellness businesses. Check out the State of the Industry panel with Mindbody Co-founder Rick Stollmeyer and other giants in fitness, beauty, and wellness.

Get clients through the door and keep them coming back

It’s never been more important to think strategically about how you can attract and retain clients. Learn how the Mindbody app and Marketing Suite can help you do both.

How to perfect your virtual experience—and grow your revenue

We’ll say it again: virtual is here to stay. Get an insider look at how to run hybrid fitness classes, with top tips for a client experience that’ll keep them coming back—and logging in—for more.

Unstoppable on the Main Stage: Powerful lessons from lives well lived

This year’s speakers left us speechless. Immersive, moving, personal—these transformative stories of grit and resilience will leave you energised and inspired.

Mindbody’s BOLD conference has always been about celebrating wellness, and the tens of thousands of businesses in the Mindbody community bringing it to the world—but this year was special. In many ways, 2021 was just as hard (or even harder) than 2020, and the unstoppable spirit that got us all through it is going to be just as important to carry us forward. We hope these highlights from BOLD give you a little roadmap for exciting things to come—for you, for wellness, for the world—in 2022.

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About the author:

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Jay Greene



Jay has been proudly wearing his Mindbody lanyard since 2014. When he’s not writing for you fine folks, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors, chasing a toddler (or two), or trying his hand at something new in the kitchen.

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