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4 Simple Ways to Fine-Tune Your AI Front Desk

By Mindbody

Hiring a new employee for your business is exciting. You probably have high hopes that their unique personality and skill-set could bring a renewed efficiency in your space, and even create a better experience for clients. 🙌🏻

What if software could make you feel the same?

With Messenger[ai], an artificially intelligent receptionist, your business gains a new, quick-learning “staff member.” Like Siri and Alexa, Bowie is a bot that automatically responds to and books customers through text, Facebook, and webchat. 

That way, your front-desk staff spends less time on the phone or computer and more time focused on your clients and studio experience. Messenger[ai] works 24/7 to free up your staff members and bring your business into the future.   

But we know every business is unique, so for anything beyond the basic, you can tell your AI receptionist exactly what to say. 

Here are four ways to get your bot to become a master of your front desk, stat:

1. Spend some quality time with your new employee ⏰

Messenger[ai] quickly becomes an expert on your business after you set it up. 

The bot gets its knowledge directly from your business software, including your services, schedule, and staff availability. If your software has up-to-date info, all Messenger[ai] needs is a simple one- to two-hour onboarding call to get started. 

But just like a new human staff member, Messenger[ai] requires additional training to truly understand your business and customers. To help the bot achieve its full potential, you need to first prepare it for the questions your customers have that aren’t in your scheduling software. 

This includes teaching your bot to understand the various ways clients ask similar questions. For example, if you’re a salon business with a special called “The Madonna” that includes a makeup application and a blowout, customers might ask, “Do you have any specials?” and “Do you offer makeup application?” Messenger[ai] can decipher both—with your help—by tagging “The Madonna” as a “Makeup,” “Blowout,” and “Special” service so your AI knows how to respond.

Also, other services like “Highlights” or “Deep Tissue Massage” that Messenger[ai] has seen at other businesses will automatically be tagged with all the possible spelling variations and meanings that your clients might have.

Don’t worry, though, if a client request ever confuses your bot, it will be flagged for your front desk staff to follow up.

2. Build the bot of your dreams 🤖

Messenger[ai] is a bot, but it can possess human-like characteristics. 

Personalise yours to match the look and feel of your business to better connect with your customers. 

You can customise your bot’s name, photo, and voice to match your business’ branding. Depending on your brand voice and tone, this might include emojis, slang, etc. Give your AI a personality of its own that your customers will love. ❤️

3. Using FAQs is key 🔑

Outside of scheduling, Messenger[ai]’s FAQ feature is the best way to train your bot to answer specific questions about your business. 

With FAQs, your bot will offer a custom response when a customer’s text message matches one or more of your programmed keywords or the question you’ve “taught” it. 

Imagine your client is curious if they can bring their pet to your business. 

They text your business, “Can I bring my dog to my booking?” With the FAQs feature optimised, Messenger[ai] answers the question—and any others that include the words “cat,” “dog,” “pet,” or “pets”—with a “Sorry! We love your dog but don’t allow pets at our facility.” 

Using Messenger[ai]’s FAQs feature ensures your bot understands and responds to specific client requests—and takes the responsibility of answering frequently asked questions off of your front desk’s plate.

4. Love the process 💗

While your bot is ready to roll after initial onboarding, it’s important to review its performance regularly. Have your front desk keep track of recurring customer requests and questions and spend a few minutes each week tweaking Messenger[ai] to optimise your answers. 

The more you invest in Messenger[ai], the more time & money it’ll save you down the line.

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