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3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Mindbody and HubSpot

By Katherine Boyarsky

September 6, 2022

Almost all wellness businesses use online booking systems these days, and it’s easier than ever for their customers to sign up for a fitness class or book a service. Wellness businesses can better gauge their staffing needs and gather helpful data around the success of each type of class or appointment.

With Mindbody and HubSpot, businesses of all sizes can connect with their clients, send the right marketing messages at the right time, and keep their customer data up to date on both platforms. They each have tools to help small to mid-sized businesses expand their reach, connect with a larger audience, and automate business operations processes.

Ready to grow your business using the Mindbody and Hubspot integration? Here's how. 

1. Increase customer retention by sending targeted marketing emails and texts

Business owners and managers can use Mindbody as their primary booking system for classes (including signing up and sending confirmation emails) and then use HubSpot’s powerful communications platform for automated marketing.  

When a client uses Mindbody to find a class at a new studio and sign up for it, their information is automatically synced to the studio’s HubSpot platform. In their contact page, it’ll be easy to access their name, contact info, location, and preferences, so they’ll be pulled into relevant lists for various marketing activities. Plus, HubSpot can capture how they found your studio, so you can optimise future marketing campaigns and invest more in the most successful channels. 

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Example: Marcela is trying to find a great Pilates class in her area, so she opens the Mindbody app and finds a class coming up tomorrow morning at Dandelion Studio. She signs up on the app with her email and phone number, and she fills out any waivers that need to be signed. HubSpot automatically creates a profile for Marcela on the Dandelion Studio HubSpot platform, including all her contact info plus what kind of class she signed up for.

A few weeks later, Dandelion Studios decides to run a “we miss you” campaign, using smart modules that pull in the teacher profile that each recent attendee practiced with. Marcela receives an email that feels personalised from her Pilates teacher from a few weeks ago inviting her back to the studio for another class at 30% off, and she signs up through Mindbody for the next day’s class.

2. Ensure data stays clean and improve the customer experience with bi-directional, real-time, and historical data syncing

Connecting two systems can sometimes involve lines of code, data conflicts, and messy spreadsheets—but it’s extremely easy to connect Mindbody and HubSpot through the code-free integration interface.

And once the platforms are connected, data starts to sync bi-directionally, so both platforms are always kept up to date. As soon as someone signs up for a service, their profile is updated on both platforms.

Plus, with historical data syncing as well, both platforms will include details about customers that go as far back as your business does—not just the ones who sign up after the integration is set up.

Example: Jerry is a longtime customer at his local barbershop called Sharper Than Ever, which uses Mindbody to book services. When Sharper Than Ever decided to add HubSpot to their business tools and integrate it with Mindbody, all of Jerry’s contact information, past appointments (including type of service and which barber he saw), and preferences are ported over automatically into HubSpot. That way, Sharper Than Ever can send targeted reminder emails every 7 weeks, which is how often Jerry likes to get a haircut.

3. Sync contacts between Mindbody and HubSpot and access more detailed business insights and reports

Once HubSpot and Mindbody are connected, you can set up default and custom fields so that your data provides the exact insights you’re looking for. Then, HubSpot’s powerful business analytics can use data generated on both systems to unlock helpful operational improvements that help you grow your business.

Screenshot of integration

HubSpot’s analytics can show which kinds of promotions are performing and which ones need work. You can see how many customers have only come by once to find ways to entice them to come back to your business, and you can see which customers have generated the most value to your business through referrals. You can also attribute the source of new customers to various platforms, like if they came in through the Mindbody app, through social media, through google, or through email outreach.

Example: Daria is a personal trainer with certifications in many different exercise modalities. She’s tried to market all of them equally, but isn’t always getting the registration and attendee numbers that she’s been hoping for. Since connecting Mindbody and HubSpot, she’s able to see that sending emails to her entire customer base generates mixed results: her emails about HIIT are opened much more than the emails about barre. So she creates two different email flows: one sharing a discount on her barre classes, sent to a targeted group of previous attendees and those who open her general emails about barre, and a second email about the benefits of HIIT that she can send to previous HIIT class attendees and those who open HIIT emails. This targeted approach works much better, and she sees increased registration numbers in both types of classes. 

HubSpot and Mindbody together help you reach new customers and engage your wellness community—the perfect combination of tools to help your health and wellness business thrive.

Want to learn how this integration can bring your services to a wider network?

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About the author:

Katherine in her office

Katherine Boyarsky

Chief Marketing Officer

CXD Studio

Katherine is the cofounder and CMO of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.

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