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Class check-in app

Let clients check themselves in

Avoid the long queues at the front desk and free up your staff to focus on client experience.
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Client being greeted by staff and self-checking in at the front desk of a fitness studio using an iPad
Class roster screen with client profiles and check in button

Keep everyone moving

No last-minute rush before class. No clients waiting to be checked in. More time to welcome people and prepare for class.

Check in success screen with client profile and number of classes remaining

Effortless for your clients

They check themselves in with a tap, and the app chimes to signal their arrival. They can even view visits remaining and know when it’s time to sign up for more.

Check in app screen with a client notification to visit front desk

Control for you and your team

You control the check-in process with password-protected settings and a chime that notifies the front desk when a client has insufficient funds.

Class Check-in app download page with screens for class schedule, class roster, and success modal

Simple setup

The check-in app only requires a tablet to set up at the front desk. Just download it and you’re ready to start checking in clients.

Faster, easier client check-in

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Class Check-in by Mindbody works on iPads and Android tablets

Apple download button for Check-in app by Mindbody Google Play download button for Check-in app by Mindbody